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Petsmart / snake sales

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I have a big problem with pet smart selling snakes out of their establishments. Has anyone out there try to buy a live feeder mouse or rat at petsmart? If yes you know you will not get it. Well I know some snakes will not always eat a frozen dead rat, which they do sell. so what does this tell you when petsmart employees come to me to get their live feeder mice and rats to feed their snakes at their store? Do not sell animals that your business does not provide food for!!!


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  17th of Dec, 2008
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I agree completely. It is not particularly cruelty-free to sell snakes, especially to little kids in communities that don't have an abundance of pet stores, and to not sell feeder mice or feeder rats. The store is pretty much condemning every snake they sell to starvation, at worst, and, to my way of thinking, is probably responsible for at least some of the 'humane' dumping of exotic reptiles out in the countryside where they can 'forage for themselves'. As if.

By the way, starving snakes probably comes under the heading of cruelty.

You will have no trouble buying crickets at these stores ... and they know the crickets are used for food. I guess 'cruelty' towards insects is cool with them.
  14th of Feb, 2009
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Yes, it is tricky get some reptiles to eat frozen foods, but it can be done without starving the pet. Feeding live food can be dangerous for the pet because the prey can injury and even kill the pet that is trying to eat it.

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