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Petsmart / aquatic area not taken care of right

1 California City, CA, United States

Hi, I wanted to file a complaint actually but am not sure where just yet. But I will start here. I often shop at the PetSmart located in Lancaster, Ca. off of J st. I have several fish tanks with fish and a bearded dragon that I got from there. I also by snails if they happen to have any and this is where my main complaint is. This and the guppy fish. I have bought several nerite snails from this store and they have all died except one. Two weeks ago I bought two that were given to me dead. I don't live in town so it is bit of a hardship for me to keep going back. I went back to get two new ones which was no problem but one of those two died also. I am crossing my finger with the other because he seems to be sick. Nothing else in my tank is affected except the guppies and the nerite snails that I both but from PetSmart. When I do get a chance to buy from other stores they are healthy and are still alive in my tanks. I notice when I am there that there are a lot of dead snails in the tanks so you don't really get to choose from many. Only a few are ever alive just to later die in the customer tanks. This is EVERY time I am there. Why is this? Are they getting fed while they are in these tanks since the tanks I notice don't have any algae in them for the snails to eat. Or are they just sick when they come in? And then there are the fish. I am only referring to the guppy's right now because that is what I usually buy and what I am having all the problems with. Just like the snails they die. I also have had many come into my tank with diseases and then get my other healthy fish that I bought else where and had for a long time sick. I have bought a fortune in fish and snails and only received a refund for a few of them which is partly my fault for living out of town and not being able to save their carcass which is what you need to get a refund. This can be very gross and just not worth it at times but it still upsets me. Other than Walmart next door which is very limited there really isn't a whole lot of stores I can choose from. I live in California City, Ca. I do want to add however that although the employees have been very friendly and fast in helping me they seem to only have their own personal opinions about the the fish or reptiles. I have only dealt with these two areas of the store. I say this because as often I am there I basically have talked to all of them in these departments and their care tips are always different from each other which leaves me confused. I notice also their care tips are different from their own care pamplets they give out as well. They are very good about giving information out before you buy any animals which is great but like I said I sometimes when I read or ask others in these stores the same questions, they are usually different. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope that some extra care is taken for the snails at the very least. Although I would like to see many changes for the sake of all the fish and others in the aquatic area. I'm not sure what is going on exactly but I know there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Maybe a new supplier?
Sincerely, A Pet Lover and friend of PetSmart

Jun 28, 2015

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