Petro Canadanoise & dangerous employee

I live on River Rd in Ottawa Ontario Canada
A few yrs ago a motorcycle club moved into the house across the street
Every Fri and Sat night there is a fuelling truck that parks on the road in front of their clubhouse with its four ways on and the truck is left running sometimes from midnight to 3 or 4 am and some nights even longer
I've seen the driver go into the clubhouse and come out in the wee hrs of the morning and get in the fuel truck and then leave
I've witnessed the truck almost being runned into by passing motorists
We live in a quiet country area and the driver doesn't seem to have any regards to the safety of the passing motorist or the people that live in this area while he's inside the clubhouse drinking
I've done a little investigation to get more information for my complaint but was only able to get the first name of the driver
His name is Dave
I'm hoping something will be done about this
It's very frightening to see this biker drink all night while his tuck is running parked on the road and then to watch him get in this loaded fuel truck
Unfortunately if something cannot be done
I will have to notify the media
Thank you

Jan 22, 2017

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