Petro Canadamobility

So I have tried to call the support line and it hung up on me after 3 different attempts and with differing wait times... I only want to figure out why suddenly my internet on my phone will not open web pages any more and says connection problem even when I try chrome. I turn my data and wifi on but it will not work, even when I tried this on my workplace wifi... Probably simple fix but this is the only way I can try and communicate to you, what should I do? I am only trying to get ahold of the drop bike app for kelowna as my bike broke down, so until I can get an answer I am dealing with sore feet all the way to work until I can access these bikes. Please please please someone help me figure this out on my huawei phone, thank-you for your time

  • Updated by Joy Marie · Sep 30, 2018

    And after an attempt at customer service I am insulted to be forced to sign into social media with my fully repeated information just to send a complaint... was happy until all this hassle, just to get working internet... maybe you guys are in business trouble and I should continue with another provider... WHAT A HASSLE JUST FOR ONE SMALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT ITEM

Sep 30, 2018

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