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I very often visit Petro Canada Location in Pickering and the address is 1695 Bayly Street, Pickering, Ontario. but my recent visit on 9th June 2017 at 4PM was a nightmare. I pumped gas and selected the print option for the receipt.
The receipt got stuck outside & i was left standing outside waiting for someone to attend. I ended up going inside where the attendant printed the receipt and gave it to me. At the other stations usually if this happens, the attendant pages from inside or comes outside to fix it. The gas attendant's name, as i recall, was Bev. The washroom especially was a mess. There was a heap of used tissues in the bin, which was disgusting. The pictures are being attached for your reference. No tissue rolls were available.
It's experiences like these that never want a customer to visit again.

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    Cleanliness getting up to standard :)


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      Jun 13, 2017

    No. Usually at the stations, when the receipt doesn't print at the pump, you are asked to go inside to collect a copy. I have never had them come out to me. Many times it will even tell you, unable to print, please see attendant. SEE attendant, not page them. They may be the only person working and cannot leave the store with customers inside to bring you a receipt.

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