Petland / malnourished and dehydrated pet degu

United States

Last week me and my boyfriend had bought a pet degu from a local petland in Calgary. For those who dont know anything about degus I'll give you a quick run through.

Degus (octodons) are a member of the roddent family and come from chili. They are cute little bushy tailed brown furred fluff balls. Degus are extremely social and if left alone to long will commonly stop eating and drinking (pretty much commits suicide)

This degu that we got was all alone. had the top of the cage locked off so no one could even say hello if they wanted to. as soon as we walked over to the cage he started meeping. and calling to us. just one look at this degu and we knew if we didnt adopt him than he would eventually pass.

We'd already had a degu at the time which was also purchased from the same petland. They told us that our original degus were males and that if we were to get any more than we should make sure their males too. Well... the new degu we got was 100% a male.. but.. the one we've had for 2 years, turns out was a female.. they have vets? Well shouldnt their vets know the proper sexes? Well.. then came the vet appointment to get our newest member nuetered.

At the vets we got notified that our newest degu (steve) was missing 20% of his body fat, and was extremely dehydrated. So much so that he immidiatly got put on nutrient supplements and antibiotics.

its clear to me that no one at the petland store even cared enough to watch how much he was eating or drinking, and that no one cared to try to make him recover.


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