Petco / manager

Gainesville, FL, United States

I work at a Petco in FL. There is a manager that works there that should have been fired a LONG time ago. While closing with her one night she told me that I should allow the general manager to "touch my boob" so I can get him fired for sexual harrassment. I have also seen her, after a customer complains about her, take their PALS card number and look up their phone number. She then writes it down, takes it home and says she submits it to a website that will call the customer and harass them late at night. I have informed the general manager and the district manager of these things and since she has denied it and I have no physical proof, it is my word against hers and nothing has been done about it. As soon as I find another job I will leave this one and never look back. This manager is a horrible person and something should be done about her!

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