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Contact information:
Petco Corporate Office
9125 Rehco Rd
San Diego, California
United States
Phone: 858 453-7845
My name is Regina Sikaffy. Puppy name is Frida

I bought a product from Petco to help prevent my puppy from going on carpet on stairs. It was non-toxic or so it said. It was odor and stain remover. She became very very ill. Had toxic reaction to product. That was on 2/5/10. Rushed to emergency and detox with bath, IV's and medicines. The cost was $825.00.

I went to Store in Irvine, where I bought Product. Told the night manager. On Monday 2/8/10. I called Corporate Office. Told them what happened and told to give paper work to manager at Irvine Store. I did that and that was 3 months ago. I have called them 11 times. Spoken to Supervisors and been told that this would be resolved and reimbursed for costs to my puppy.

I have been given nothing but excuses and run around. Product Specialist Rico B. asked me to hold off complaint to BBB. He would get this done. That was on 3/22/10. Sent him paper work. I have been calling at least once a week. I will not stop, until they stand behind their product. Wish they would just do the right thing to it's consumers. I will never shop in their stores again!!!
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D  4th of Sep, 2010 by    -1 Votes
should've followed product directions and read the labels carefully. its common sense that all cleaners, not matter how "non-toxic" they are, can potentially cause problems. puppies in particular, being babies, are more sensitive because they do not have fully developed defenses yet. wouldn't it have been smart to keep your puppy out of the area? that is your responsibility.
N  8th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hey dmvsean: Gosh, as a former Petco manager, you don't sound like you have much sympathy for people and their pets. Is this the same flippant, rude, unprofessional behavior you displayed as you 'cared for' (read: probably froze, starved and stomped injured animals to deathy to save Petco money)? You are a hyprocrite and a liar. You just prove what sociopathic ###s Petco hires and confirm the fact that Petco was rightly proven guilty in a court of law for torturing and killing sick and defenseless animals...and Petco is one of the most sued companies in America in Small Claims Courts for injuring and killing customers' pets! You are an evil person...you better pray karma isn't real, because if it is, you're in for a world of hurt!
A  20th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Totally agree!! Petco is NOT where the pets go. Some years ago I was placed with 2 different locations as a dog trainer. This was contracted through another company that Petco was joined to, at the time. During my time working there I had the chance to noticed how they treated their employees. It was HORRIBlE!!! After several months, the 2 companies decided to discontinue their contract. Then Pecto wanted to keep me with them, but only pay retail salary. Now if you'll notice, they are "always" looking for a dog trainer in their stores. If you want quality work, you will need to pay them quality pay. You will get what you pay for and you will ALWAYS have a turnover. But their mentality is, well in today's economy, people need work and we can always find someone. But like I said, you will get what you pay for. If you want a BMW, you won't be able to pay a Ford Tempo price. If you want steak, you cannot pay hamburger prices. Why do you want to invest all this time into a good employee and not reward them. I ALWAYS say, if you cannot pay a good, and I mean a good employee a salary to meet their basic needs, (housing, food, car to get them to work, etc..) then you cannot afford to hire someone. When you take care of your employees, THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! Your company will then succeed. It's always because of greed from the CEO, CFO, Vice-Presidents and so on down the line. You don't do this & continue!!! So with all that said, NO, Petco... you're going to wake up one day & say "Who moved my cheese"... I would personally love the opportunity to work for these people and allow their company to grow. But because they have this type behavior, I cannot be a part of it. It's about your CUSTOMERS and your EMPLOYEES!!! And even though I have posted this comment, they will ignore it and probably won't change which is very sad.


Some one in the Atlanta, GA area...
N  19th of Aug, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Petco Woodland Hills has been frudulenltly charging my credit card for other merchandise.
N  19th of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
My credit card was over charged by petco in woodland hills. When I complained the manager named Fernando said he doesn't give a ### if I shop at Petco again. The scam is, you buy dog cookies at the dog bar, they charge you for the rawhide bar which is more expensive. I believe this has been going on for sometime.
N  11th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hey there everyone, i had a problem with the avenue y store in brooklyn. I previously have spent almost #10, 000.00 in petco to date. I purchased a filter for a fish tanks and within 2 weeks it broke. When i purchased it the box was taped close like it was already opened or purchase and returned. When i asked the sales person for a different box he told me thats the last one we have so i had no choice but to purchase it. Back to it breaking, i tried to return it and the manager refused to take it back. Stating it was missing a part and looks used longer than 2 weeks. I did tell him that it was already opened and probably used prior to my usage but he didn't care even when i told him i've been shopping with petco for over 10 years and a ton of cash. I did ask for a store credit if i couldn't get another filter or a refund. Called customer service and its been 2 more weeks and no one called me, seems the district manager left and the new replacement is trying to play catch up, meanwhile i'm out a filter. When this is done, NO MORE PETCO for me.
pissed off in Brooklyn...
N  3rd of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
are there any success stories with purchasing sick pets???
N  28th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I used to be a groomer at pet co. let me tell you I would not recomend working for this company I am currently going to small claims court because after I finnaly put in a harrassment letter in due to the other groomers harrassment, they the other groomers put in a false complaint about me wich suposedly happened months ago, then jeff the manager suppeneded me then I had to write another letter saying that the false complaint was not true, it was just another form of harassment. When I came to get my grooming supplies almost everything I owned was gone all my shears, clip combs, blades, ribbons etc.. about $900.00 worth of supplies when I brought this to the managers attention all he did was give me 3 blades and tell me I was fired. I worked there for 4 years. I found out the girl that cleaned out my ststion was the one I put in the complait about. I have already had a detective out there but 'the girl was not there that day. The other girls(groomers) where though I'm pretty sure they called her and let her now a head of time that the dective was coming the next day. so people out there be carefull who grooms your pet .Pet co. also does not do drug test, though they realy should!!!. I know my grooming supplies didn't just get up and walk away. I guess well find out in court.
A  29th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I also worked for petco, never missed a day of work. when they fired a groomer. they let her in my locked station and she took all my stuff. I couldnt work till I replaced all of it myself, Petco will never be my choice of work place, and the Drugs are present, I have turned a few people in. and nothing was done. its too bad, I really like the people and their pets that came in.
A  29th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I ended up going out on workers comp. and they never to this day have paid any of the bills. thats why petco will never be #1. shop at petsmart
A  5th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
My wife and I took our small dog Lola in for just a bath and a nail clip and round in Frisco TX. We dropper her off and headed to a movie. Once we got out, she had 2 voice mails on her phone, we listed in horror when they left a message of how she sat on the drill and cut her tail exposing the bone. Luckily we were just down the street. We rushed in there, my wife was crying, and yelling "where is Lola!" Where the "F" is Lola. They pointed to the Vet next door in the same building, they said she was at grooming...unbelievable! We got her from grooming and went to the Vets office where they immediately saw her and consulted with us. The bone was exposed at the very tip of her furry tail. The Vet had to trim the hair and suture the skin over the bone (he let us into the room as he did this). He fixed her up and she didn't even know what was going on. The Vet and his staff were great. Petco was at fault here, placing a rounding drill down on the grooming table running right next to the dog, what an idiot! When we dropped her off, he was handing a small dog to it's owner because the dog bit him and sprayed anal glands at him, should have just grabbed Lola and walked out.

Corporate will hear of this, though nothing will ever be done from it. This idiot should be fired! We have gone to them for years with both our dogs, and back then, they had a great staff, attentive, professional and seemingly caring. Now, all the original groomers we knew are gone, all the good ones it seems anyway. We are never going to Petco ever again. I will use a recommended mobile groomer that most of my neighbors use.
N  11th of Jul, 2012 by    -1 Votes
My son was PROMISED a job at the new PETCO in Greenwood SC and he waited 3 weeks, calling TAMI almost daily. Tami had excuses daily for not talking to him and even told him she would return his call. She has yet to return his call. Of course I called corporate to let them know its very unprofessional to promise someone a job and then not follow through with their promises and I was told that someone from corporate would get back in touch with me about this but I"m not going to hold my breath as I asked how long it would be before someone would return my call and I was told they could not give me a time frame. I will NEVER go back to PETCO and I hope this NEW store closes as quickly as it opened!!!

a concerned parent
A  16th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
The company is only out for getting free labor when they want to and trying to look good to the public. I worked for Petco for a year and transferred to a store in Illinois about half-way through my time with them. The store manager wouldn't do her job and take care of things for the animals or the employees. She wouldn't change my address in the system when I moved here, she leaves early every day and no one does anything about it. She never makes sure the animals are getting cared for and paperwork on feeding the reptiles is getting faked as they lose animals and now they won't pay me my last pay since I left them because I couldn't stand this anymore. Human resources is useless and you're lucky if you're not speaking to a foreign person on the other end of the line, but they won't address your concerns no matter what you do. This manager couldn't care less about the animals or you as an employee as long as she gets to keep getting away with doing nothing and get paid for it. So yes, their attitude overall doesn't surprise me. I am filing a complaint with the Illinois Dept, of Labor against them for withholding my pay and will be suing them soon after. Maybe the company will do everyone a favor and just go out of business.
N  21st of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
My daughter used to work at the PETCO in Davenport Iowa in the grooming dept. For the entire year she "trained" to be a groomer, the grooming manager Mindy would have her groom some of her appointments...the manager took the paid commision on the grooms while my daughter of course got her minium wage salary. When my daughter finally became an official "groomer", that first paycheck she made well over $1000 in commision (once a groomer, they are paid commision on ea groom and no longer an hourly wage). When the grooming manager Mindy found out how much $ my daughter had made, she told my daughter that she needed to start "giving up" some of her scheduled grooming appointments to her. My daughter called me at work to ask me what she should do...I advised her that those people scheduling their appointments with her are her clients, not Mindy's, and that she should not have to "give" Mindy her appointments so that Mindy can make more money. My daughter told Mindy "no". Two days later Mindy had my daughter fired on some trumped up claim that my daughter brought her own dog in too many times in one month to groom herself. Now, 10 months later-my daughter is doing wonderful working at a different grooming salon that treats her well. Several of my daughter's PETCO clients followed her to the new grooming salon. We just found out that Mindy, the grooming manager at the Davenport Ia location, has just had my daughter banned this week (10 months after being fired) from the the PETCO store. I cannot believe that this is being allowed over jealousy of how well my daughter is doing! PETCO...I will NEVER patron one of your stores again...and I will tell EVERYONE I know about the crooked dealings of some of your managers and how corporate could care less!
A  23rd of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
i was given a gift of 2 dog training classes my 8 year old beagle is a service dog trained off leash. I meet with the trainer Brittney Gish prior to the classes to make sure she understood my problems with Luke he has had some obedience training. i meet with the trainer Brittney Gish prior to start of any classes. I told her about the problems I is very strong, I live on a ranch very small fenced yard. I need to be able to take him out for walks to train and exercise him. However the attempts I had made to walk him I have been injured or he has took off, I need to be able to control when training, walking I have some experience training dogs but I am older now and weaker. Another issue I want addressed is food aggression. I have been working with Luke, he is getting better but needs more help. I asked if she could handle these things ? I need to know this before any classes start. 80% of our hour training class spent on these issues alone the time left over we can refresh the basic obedience training. Brittney assured me that she would agree to this. Being the class was just me and my dog.she also has more experience working with larger breed dogs. classes started and we were put in a tiny area with just a cardboard folding fence. I thought this area was just a meeting area . I found out that is the place where the dogs are trained no safe yard or a secure area or even room to walk a large dog. I felt mislead, I wanted the money returned right then, Again Brittney asked me to give this a couple more classes and then if I am not happy with it then I could quit and get a refund. Brittney did not keep her word. Brittney was getting ready to have a baby. so she was taking time off she said 2 to 3 weeks. once she returned she promised to only work on the problems we agreed to. I waited a month and no call from Brittney to return to classes, I called and was told Brittney still had not had her baby . I again waited 3 to 4 weeks I called again left messages for Brittney to call me, I called many many times after not hearing from Brittney in 4 and a half months I called and complained to manager, Brittney called me we set a date and time to complete the classes. Brittney offered to come to my home for this, I was pleased with this . At petco store we were constantly being interruption by customers shopping asking questions alot of distractions . well Brittney never showed or called, I called her again, she said she had lost my number, we setup another time at my home for classes, Brittney again NO SHOW NO CALL!!! I called in a complaint spoke with manager, I was upset at how unprofitable Brittney was behaving. I wanted my money refunded I was told trainers are not allowed to go to the homes of customers! I was told Brittney could only do the 5 and a half training classes I had left at 5pm to 6 pm. I could not do these hours. We agreed to Thursday's 1pm to 2pm . I show up and Brittney again did not show. A different trainer said she felt bad for me so she would train Luka today then offered to take over the training for Luka . she wants start teaching sit so on I had an agreement with Brittney to do the things Luka had problems with. My dog still can not walk on a leash I am out all my money my time my patience and I have been mislead lied to stood up ignoreds, the time I did spend at Petco was the trainer trying to me things I did not want or would even use, people constantly interruptions and no training promises not kept I have been more than patience it has been almost 6 months and still i have not been given anything more than untruths I have been victimize. thank you I hope we can resolve this problem .
Norma Lowe 928-681-3690

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