Petco Animal Suppliesunable to cancel an order

I placed an order for NexGard and HeartGuard from their website on November 23rd and they were going to get my vet's approval in order to ship these two medications. I supplied my vet's name and contact information as requested on the Petco website. The total charge with taxes is $113.62 which is currently "pending" in my bank account. On November 28th, I received a call from my vet's office stating they had written the prescriptions for my dog's Petco order but they do not fax them so I had to pick them up. I picked up the prescriptions for the NexGard and HeartGuard from my vet and went directly to the local Petco store thinking I had to pick up the meds from them. Once at the store, the associate, Kyle promptly told me they do not have those medications on hand and proceeded to call the company for me to see what I could do. He was going to fax the prescriptions for me from the store, but Petco would not accept that. He was so apologetic and offered to compensate my time with some free dog treats for my dog. So today, November 30th, I contacted Petco directly and after nearly 45 minutes with someone who did not speak English very well and placed me on hold over 4 times to go to his "resources" could not cancel my order. I then asked to speak to a Manager and was given Terry in Premier Services. She basically told me the same thing and said they could not cancel my order and that it would take up to 14 days before my order would cancel itself after not getting any approval from my vet. In the meantime, I have a $113.62 charge pending in my bank account and now I have to go purchase these meds (more money out of my account) from my vet anyway and spend more money I don't really have to get my pet his meds in time for his scheduled doses. I cannot believe they couldn't cancel my order upon my request and it took over 45 minutes and two customer service people to basically do nothing for me. Very disappointed.

Nov 30, 2018

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