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Petco Animal Supplies / management

1 Strongsville, OH, United States

I have been going to this Petco in Strongsville Ohio for years...I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars there. I have became friends with the employees and have developed wonderful relationships with them. I run dog pages with thousands of followers and have promoted Petco through live videos and posts. Recently I started a Foundation in memory of my Boston terrier I lost suddenly. Paw it Forward 4D Foundation. I am a part of the Petco Foundation and am very thankful for that. I have many dogs and I used the grooming department a lot, Having nails painted ect... I did this nearly weekly for months. I was extremely impressed by a wonderful groomer. Last month She lost her job, Why...I don't know all details and do not need to know, but I felt awful she lost it right before the Holidays. I took it upon myself to purchase a grooming table and invited her to my home to earn some extra money as it was the holidays... It wasn't going to be on going, I wanted to help her with money because thats the person I am. Well apparently the stores manager was not happy with my decision and started bad mouthing me to employees, this all came back to me and I was so offended I was talked about like this after all I have done for the store and its employees ( gifts ect..). I was a loyal customer and client I.e. dog training. The treatment this manager has given me and the things she has said about me are awful. I am sad, hurt and angered. I feel my Foundation will hurt from this and that angers me. This store is close to my home and I can honestly say I will never go there again as long as this manager is there. Team leaders should never behave this way. The drama created by this manager is unprofessional and a disgrace to Petco as a whole. I do not feel my relationships with people are any of a store managers business in the store or outside of it, I do not work for Petco. Why am I talked about by a manager to her employees in front of other customers??Now, I am extremely thankful this manager helped me with 550 lbs of dog food for shelter dogs, the countless boxes of treats, bones, chews ect...and Allowing my Foundation to benefit from Santa in the store at 10.00 a photo ( My husband was Santa) I still haven't received all the money from that and corporate should know this. But, to bring in personal opinions over my relationships with people hurt the store and is completely unprofessional on her part and insulting to me and my Foundation. In the end I am a customer and should never have been treated this way. Because of this manager relationships are ruined and business will be greatly lost at this store. Too much Drama for me. #Petco #CustomerService #PetcoFoundation

Jan 1, 2018

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