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I take my 10 month old puppy to Petco in Closter, NJ for training and store-bought food. I would be considered a friendly and good customer with reward points. I received an email ad which promised $40 off orders of $100 or more for in store or online products in huge type with NO ASTERISK for "Exclusions Apply." I clicked the ad link on 12/2/18, as anyone would, which opened to the whole store. I loaded my cart with over $100 in products, put in the promo code and was told I was "Not Qualified, " with no mention of Exclusions as the cause. When I called the Corporate Complaint Department, I found out about these said Exclusions. When you click on the Exclusions link, they have an extensive list of the only things you can possibly buy on sale for their $40 off potential. You need to be a lawyer to get through it all, apparently, and they set you up for an impulse buy with their ad. The Petco complaint manager said the type was there and didn't budge on her callous "legal" stance when I requested an override on their false advertising and to simply give me the $40 off on the $100+ in products I had intended to order. I included a screen shot of the ad on this complaint. The list of products offered in the Exclusion link has nothing to do with clicking on the $40 off ad itself and opening to the whole store, so I'm also including that link here:
I think the government should take charge of "small type" without an asterisk or the consumer could give their life away to any large corporate structure who adds small type for any creepy thing they want. I told the complaint manager she lost an online customer but she apparently didn't care. My advice to other customers is to click on their Exclusion link, first, because that's the only stuff they want to sell to you. They should advertise in large type "Select from Our Extensive Exclusions and Save, then get $40 off on a $100+ Purchase!" My only resolution and restoration to Petco online would be for them to honor their ad and give me the $40 off on a $100 purchase that they had promised me without an asterisk.

Petco Animal Supplies

Dec 04, 2018

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