Petcoand guinea pig

I bought my guinea pig from the Petco at the Loop Mall in Kissimmee on March 24th when I got him home he was skinny and he was sneezing I asked the manager about it because I work out here at the Loop mall I'm out here everyday but the two days I am off and they said that was normal someone else bought him for me so I did not have the receipt but he said if I brought the care paper in that they would help me I asked him if he would go look for the copy in the office I have the exact date he told me I have so many papers I can't look for it I don't want my money back I don't want to bring the guinea pig back I have had him for one month and two days and now he has a severe ear infection and I have to take him to the vet tomorrow all I wanted them to do is take him to the vet because they told me they would because they know me so well they see me almost every single day but I got told I'm not looking for the paperwork what do I do just let my poor little guy die because someone's too lazy to go look for paperwork


Apr 27, 2017

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