Pet Smarta baby kitten

I'm so pissed im beyond livid and I'm going in There tomorrow and raising hell and my dct today told me they sell sick animals they are known for this well here's my little story of your negligence and horrible evil cruelty of caring for these animals who are creatures of Christ and I've been so so sick and I've not been able to be around people for years now because they have been so stressing me out and I've got neuropathy a nerve disease and mother ——- this is cruel what your doing to these animals and I'm going to fight
For those who cannot fight for themselves and i wanted a kitten to love and take care of and they sold me a very sick kitten and now I'm sick because of a low immune system and we spent at least 200$ in toys and stuff for him and he was so sweet because he was wanting love and i didn't know at the time he was so sick and I was watching over him and he was non stop sneezing scratching and his ears were bothering him well we decided to take him to the vet and he was worth spending the money on because he deserves to be treated right and he had ear mites which he was crawling all over me and he was shaking his ears bad and they said i can't get sick of course and we explained i had a bad heart and low immune system and can get so sick so fast and I cannot be around anything so sick it can kill me at this rate now and they said she's fine and they said he only has ear mites well that's 300$ with all the medicine and visit and of course we bought whatever they thought he needed to feel better and it's been like four days and he's not doing any better he's still so sick And I had to hand him to a good friend bc my doctor said no way what're you trying to do kill your self and i said i wanted someone to love and take care of and they made me find him another home and i was stressed out of my mind no sleep he was sick and jumping all over me and now I'm wearing sweaters in My house and I'm now feeling sick and so he is at another house because we didn't want to call animal control and I'm so sad he was crying at her house so bad omg I'm heartbroken not about the money no way but how can they so do this to people I'm going to take this to the top of who i need to get to because i called the store twice and they Weren't kind And didn't want to help us after we spent the Money to buy him and toys and everything a cat would want this little guy is knee deep in sickness as i was and now she can't keep him and he is suffering and crying and feels so unloved I'm so pissed and I'm going to raise hell in their tomorrow and it's not fair to him to be suffering and they lied and said he had all his shots and reassured us he's so healthy and omg they picked the righteous person of Christ who cares about him and his suffering and sadness and I'm crying now because he is so sick and I only had him less than a week i don't want to ever get another animal again i see now how you feel about them and I had pets younger but i forgot what it felt like and omg I'm going to take you down so fast this is so wrong on so many levels and I'm being rushed to the er now because I'm sick omg your done I'm going to take you down so fast

Aug 06, 2018

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