Pergo / Pergo XP Extreme Performance

We spent $6500 on Pergo XP Cross Sawn Chestnut in Fall 2012. It was installed in 5 rooms, a hallway, and a closet. It sounds terrible when we walk on it - creaks, cracks, pops, sounds like walking on bubble wrap. Called Pergo in 2013 - they said it probably needed to "settle" more. Home Depot kind of said the same thing. Then last year, I just couldn't take it anymore. We had someone visit and it was so embarrassing to have these noisy floors! Our guest asked if the floors were old! In September 2015, complained to Home Depot - they sent a guy that didn't seem like he knew anything about floors. He said it was a baseboard issue - which was interesting because the rooms that have the Pergo downstairs have baseboards and the rooms upstairs that have Pergo don't have baseboards (we never re-installed them upstairs because we were waiting to see if floor needed to be redone.) Then they sent a guy from Pergo - of course he blamed it on installers, but didn't really say what the problem was. Then Home Depot sent independent inspector who said that maybe we need more transitions. Really?! It cracks and creaks in our 6 x 9 closet! I am so disappointed in this product and Home Depot is not responding to messages I am leaving. We have been so nice and so patient with Home Depot - have not gotten angry with them, but I filed a complaint against them yesterday and am hoping they will somehow resolve this. I don't know if I should also file complaint against Pergo at the same time? I just know that I spent way too much money on a poor product and I wish Pergo would step up and admit that their products have problems and fix them!

Mar 29, 2016

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