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Lowes in Riverhead, N.Y. Is insisting on selling me transitions for Pergo laminate flooring that is running through 2 rooms and a small hallway 670 sq ft. Lowes informed me that my warranty would be void with Pergo if I did not put transitions in doorways due to buckling and explanation issues! I called Pergo and verified that this is true! I also verified that buckling is not covered under Pergo's warranty anyway!!! This is very misleading on Lowes end as well as Pergo! They make you feel safe with this lifetime warranty but is a false sense of security. I'm so glad I investigated Pergo and Lowes before I picked up my order! I'm going to stick with real hardwood floors!

Feb 16, 2015
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  • Fl
      Mar 05, 2015

    You want them to honor a warranty when you choose to go against the manufacture specifications? Do you also think that when you buy a new car and choose to not change the oil the dealership should give you a new car? ALL flooring has specifications as to what you can and can not do with it. This is not shady business on Lowes and Pergos part. I will refrain from telling you the rest if what I think about this comment.

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  • Ma
      Mar 09, 2015

    They don't cover bucking or board separation under their warranty! Lowe's informed me that the transitions would prevent that and if I didn't get them the warranty would be void. The point is Pergo doesn't warrant against buckling or board separation at all, even with transitions!

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