pergo laminate / floor is failing

West chester, United States
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I have over last 15 years have had pergo flooring in my slab home.. 5 months ago I remodeled my home and invested in pergo max.. It was beautiful in the store and I was very excited to put it in my home.. How beautiful it was.. but now I am noticeing that where the planks connect they don't look right.. on further investigation.. I found several and I mean several areas where the floor has buckled.. in numerous areas... I know you can not get it wet wet.. I have followed manufactored directions and spritz with vinegar water and wiped up.. I have never had this problem before.. I even invested in exspensive 4 in 1 underlay .. I though it would cushion floor and help to insulate... I also just as a precaution put a water sealant under laminete.. I moved the pipes and had new concrete poured so I wanted to make sure it was sealed... (i waited over 2 months before I put flooring down.) I also have noticed that it is not as shiny ( which is one of the reasons I was attracted to it) this was a exspensive floor.. and very unhappy with how it turned out! I have 3 very well trainded dogs that never go in house... I am at a loss at to what to do.. I have read repeatedly that pergo is very hard to deal with when it comes to there warrenty... I wish I had studied up before.. (but have never had a problem in past) I am a single women and will be paying for this floor for a while. I should have kept the pergo that was in there!

Jul 12, 2015

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