Pep Boys / incompetance

Ridgewood Queens, NY, United States

I had my car towed to Pep Boys on metroplitan ave in Ridgewood Queens on the recommendation of Allstae which is my towing service, after 2 days I called at 9am to see if they had fixed my car, I was told that they were so busy they had not even looked at my car-I called back at 1pm and again the manager told me the same thing, I told him that their service was ### and that I was paying for a rental car and could not leave the car in their hands much longer, I also told him that i would call Allstate and tell them what they were doing to me, he told me that they would check my car asap-5 minutes later (NO exaggeration ) He called me back to tell me that they looked at the car and they did not know what was wrong with it and they could not fix it-I had it towed out of there immediately and took it to another shop in Whitestone Queens, all the car needed was a new starter, the mechanic at Whitestone told me that I did not take a genious to figure it out.They fixed it in 2 hours and I picked up my car at 6pm that day-It was actually ready at 4pm I just could not get there at that time.
PEP BOYS Sucks they flat out lied about what they said they did-I would never recommend PEP BOYS to any one-stay away from those idiots!!!

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