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Pep Boys - / save your time, and aggravation and go elsewhere for your service

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I started my business with them by stating i've been taught to ask, whatever gets replaced on my vehicle, i want in a box when i pick up the car. I needed brakes. Long story short. 3 days later, and $685. They said 2 of my calipers were frozen. I needed an air cleaner because ' it looked like something was living in it' and an oil change. They didnt have the old air cleaner for me, so i made them, after much complaining remove the air-cleaner from the bill. So i got it for free. But thats only $25 so its a very small win for the informed consumer. 2 of the pads didnt really need to be changed. The seized calipers are probably due to the fact that the pads showed a big gouge on one side from where they used a single screwdriver to spread apart the caliper, instead of a caliper spreading tool. This probably caused the alleged caliper seize. I've done my own brakes numerous times in the past, i'm no pro, but i know if you dont apply even pressure to both sides of the pad while spreading it, it can cause damage. Anyway, they also lost my remote locker/unlocker which was initially with the key. ( they did eventually find it, but still !!! ) they have a charge ( sku#4120 ) for, and i quote: costs and profits to the motor vehicle repair facility for miscellaneous shop supplies (and fluids).

I know that when dealerships charge you $6 for a can of brake cleaner, ( for example) they use 3-5 squirts and put the can back on the shelf and charge the next person the same, and the next person. Using the same can. So i've been taught to get the remainder of the said cans or bottles. This is your lawful right. Pep-boys gets around this by the computer automatically figuring in a percentage. This also includes, according to them. Compressed air, hydraulic lift, rags. Wear & tear on their equipment, grease etc. This is such a total scam its preposterous. And i am in the process of writing to their ceo and complaining. Their is no shortage of complete horror stories about pep boys. And no surprise they are not part of the b.b.b. Save your time, and aggravation and go elsewhere for your service. Talk to people and find a local mechanic thats trustworthy. It may cost a few dollars more from time to time, but its worth it. I know, my dad used to be one of those trusty mechanics who didn't make a whole lot of money, but never had an unhappy customer.

And to top it off, they still charged me for a bottle of brake fluid. Brake jobs require brake fluid, it should be part of the price. But alas, pep boys loves money, anyway they can get it. Always ask for your old parts and remaining fluid/spray beforehand. Good luck.


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