Pep Boys / exhaust

Bear, DE, United States

A few months ago, I took my car into Pep Boys for what I knew was an exhaust leak. I even called beforehand to ask if they did this kind of work, because a lot of the fast-service shops don't seem to want to touch it. I was told they could do the job. Took a day off work, and had the car in by 8AM. 3 hours later, had to call to find out the status, and was told the car was done. Got over to the Boys, and the advisor told me there was nothing wrong. I had seen the leak and felt exhaust coming out of it with my own hand, so I instantly knew they just didn't want to do the work. This suspicion was confirmed when the advsisor stated there was no charge for looking at the car, and no need for paperwork. I can understand them not wanting to tackle a big job, they have that right. But telling me there was nothing wrong is another story. Exhaust leaks can lead to CO poisoning and death, and fortunately, I knew that there was a potentially dangerous problem. They'd done some work for me in the past, but I won't be back.


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