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People PC / Billing Scam

1 Olympia, WA, United States Review updated:

Type in People PC Scam in your web browser and you'll get lots of hits. This is not the friendly little internet provider that you see in their commercials. Their internet service is just fine but good luck cancelling your account. When calling their telephone number to cancel your account, you're directed to a call center in India. The person answering the phone will give you a name like Bob or Doris, yeah right. When you try to cancel your account, you will get a ten minute sales pitch. I finally had to get nasty with the phone rep and ask them if they understood the words "cancel my account". They will assure you that your account is closed but make sure you check your credit card statement the next month. They will continue to charge your card some amount, in my case $1.95. I caught them and called them on it. They informed me that I had indeed cancelled my internet service with them but I had failed to tell them that I wanted my internet address also deleted.

What a scam. They assured me that with my second call that my "internet address" account for a $1.95 a month had now also been closed. We'll see what happens. From the other posts on this site, I'll bet the charges keep coming on my credit card.

"Bob" from India said I didn't have to get so nasty with him on the phone last time. If they charge my credit card one more time, I'm going to introduce "Bob" to some nice American cuss words. Stay away from this company, they are evil.

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  • Rh
      16th of Nov, 2006
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    People PC - Billed me several times for services I do not use!
    United States

    I don't know how I got involved with People PC but I have never inroled or requested there service.
    People PC have billed me for services several times and I keep calling telling you I don't use your services. I have used for quite some time so I would apreciate it if you would straighten this out. My last bill is 51.85 and I have never used your service.

    Respectfully Yours R.H.

  • Va
      15th of Feb, 2007
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    I cancelled my service with people pc over a year ago and they not only continued billing me but opened another account an was billing me for that one too. Took the money right out of my bank account and would not return it.I think that is called fraud and robbery. When I contacted them their attitude was,too bad! I would like to prosecute them for this,is there any way of initiating a class action suit against them? I spoke to 6 different people and got the runaround. Anyone interested?

  • Jo
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    People pc is all trash, very poor service, doesnt work half the time i dial in. It belongs to the trash can. Its not worth the cost of 4.95 or 10.95 a month. not even worth 2 dollars a month. 5x times faster is a joke. Plus i could not change home page default to avoid all that advertising the keep running and it makes it run slower... very slow!

  • Lp
      3rd of Jan, 2008
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    I never heard of PeoplePC until bills for them started showing up on our American Express account. We've already been charged hundreds of dollars for services we never requested and have never used. (I don't even know if we can use them from our area -- and we have cable internet anyway.) We contested the billing with American Express and just learned last night that, apparently, PeoplePC sent them fraudulant information to get Amex to reject our contestation. We are cancelling our Amex card so they can't keep charging us and are going to be in further discussion with Amex today.

  • Da
      24th of Jan, 2008
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    People PC - Charged for closed account!
    People PC
    United States

    I canceled my online account three days prior to being charged for another month and i got charged two days ago for a closed account... looks like we got another aol on our hands and they too have lost a life time customer... i will continue to fight my situation with my bank and the people pc people... wish me luck if i have to i will cancel my bank account to stop this madness.

  • Ja
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    I signed up for a 30-day free trial of PeoplePC back in November. I had gotten points through a reward program for signing up. I never once even installed it on my computer. I have internet through my cable company.

    So I canceled after 3 days. I was told that everything was canceled and I would no longer be billed. So 4 months go by and my credit card had been compromised and was canceled. A few days later I get a call from PeoplePc telling me that my monthly fee could not be processed. so I called them and they tell me that when I had never canceled their service. Apparently, I had been billed every month, unknowingly. I told them that I had canceled after only a few days during my free trial and that I wanted the account closed.

    PeoplePC refused to close the account until I paid them the balance on the account due to my card being declined. I continued to explain to them that I have never even used their services and that I had been fraudulently billed for the past 4 months. So that call got me nowhere.

    So every day, their billing department calls about 5 times a day to collect the balance on the account. I have spoken with 14 reps and 5 supervisors. All of which have claimed they could not help me. They claim that they cannot close an account that has a balance on it.

    So the harassing calls keep coming every day. Eventually I had enough. I typed out a nice letter to the California State Attorney General. I made one last attempt and called them to rectify the issue. I got some Indian guy on the phone named Bob (yeah... ok). Bob connected me with a supervisor. I explained to the supervisor the situation and informed him that if the matter could not be addressed while I was on the phone that I would be mailing my letter out to the California State Attorney General in the morning. I then proceeded to read my letter to him to let him know that I wasn't just bs'ing. Amazingly enough, he was able to go right in and zero out the balance on the account and close it. So you would think that would be the end of it, right?

    WRONG!!! Every day I am still getting at least 3-5 calls per day from their billing department. When I ask why they are calling, they start to say "There is a balance on your account dollars." I then proceed to tell them to stop calling me or I will file a harassment suit. I have spoken with several reps and several supervisors SINCE my account has been closed (again) and NOBODY can tell me why I am continuallt being called. So today again (at 8am) they are calling me again.

    So I am writing this complaint to warn everyone to STAY AWAY from PeoplePC. It is a horrible company. I will be sending out my letter to the California State Attorney General's office later today, as well as filing a complaint with the BBB. Not that the BBB really does anything. If you have similar issues with PeoplePC, I recommend contacting the Attorney General in their state. If they receive enough complaints, they will go after them. The BBB really can't do much other than send them a letter telling them they have a complaint. So the BBB is pretty useless in my opinion.

  • Da
      3rd of May, 2008
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    People PC - Charged for NOTHING!
    United States
    Phone: 713-202-5482

    I enrolled with People PC for a 5 month period (THEY RECOMMEDED) and paid up front, I used it for about 3 weeks and got DSL, People PC with Accelerator is TOO SLOW. My 5 months were up and they called me and said it was time to start paying again so I told them to cancel it, they said they could but it would cost me $18.90 for a month (it says on their package "NO COMMITMENT REQUIRED!") to cancel, I told the person again to cancel it and they said again that they could not, I have to call another number, I did and got a message telling me everyone was busy and to call back on another day! They called me again and said it would cost me $37.80 to cancel now BUT as a curtisy to me they would only charge me $18.80, I got sick of the cra_p and gave them a credit card number THEN they said OOPS, it charged me $37.80, I asked what they were going to do and they said they would refund me the $18.90, THEY DID NOT, I was charged $37.80 and I was told that the person I was talking to could not cancel my account that I had to call another number, I did and they asked all kinds of questions and when I asked them to cancel the account they said it was already cancelled??? now the fight is on, try to get some one from Peolple PC that speaks plain enough english to understand! Anyway, People PC Charges for Service You Don't Use OR Get so "THERE IS A COMMITMENT!" I hope everyone reads this and no one signs up with PEOPLE PC and everyone that has them CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT!

  • Im
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes
    People PC - Never had the service
    People PC
    New York
    United States

    Got calls from PEOPLE PC saying I needed to update my payment information and that I owed $21. If I didn't do it, my internet service would be interrupted... well, guess what, I never had them for internet service so no big deal. Called back and the only thing the person could tell me is they would make a note. I believe this is a SCAM! Drafting my letter to NYS Atty General and anyone else I think may be interested.


  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    People PC - charges
    people pc
    United States
    Phone: 866-226-1015

    Cancelled with them in March 08 and still getting charged 15.95. Called in April 08 still getting charged, called in aug. still no results!!!

  • Va
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    People PC - Unacceptable service
    People PC
    United States

    I was billed for 5 months of service to my credit card. I notified peoplepc and was advised that my wife charged the service. She is not even a signer on the card. Peoplepc would not cancel the transaction until the 5 months are up. I contacted the Credit Card company and filed a fraud claim against peoplepc followed up with a police report for identity theft against peoplepc. My wife advised she never talked with peoplepc. She has no need for a land line since we use aircards on our computers.

  • Du
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    People PC - Fraudulent company
    People Pc
    United States

    After repeated attempts to get People PC to cancel the account we finally had to use a stop payment with the bank and still couldn't get past charges credited from People PC even though they were supposed to have closed it 32 MONTHS ago! When asked for a supervisor they yelled and hung up. Wells Fargo did give last three months back.

  • Va
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    People PC - billing
    People PC
    United States

    I cancelled over a year ago, and i have received a bill for $29.20. i dont have cancelled checks as the dial up fee of $9.95 per month was debited from my account!!! no one will call me back !!! now i have been turned over for collection!!! my acct number is:22736167.. also the bill was sent to my po box 822894 vicksburg ms 39182
    thanks in advance for all your help

  • Ne
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    People PC - Very poor company
    People PC
    Colorado Springs
    United States

    We had nothing but problems with this company from the start. My first clue was that their Indian accent was so thick that I could hardly understand what they were saying. I think this company is outsourced to India, so they are taking jobs away from honest hardworking Americans! We got exactly what we paid for. It was a nightmare! They made us have regular internet for a year then after a year they "let" us upgrade to a faster speed. I found out later that they dont care how good your credit is, you MUST stay current on your payment for a 1 year minimum before you can do any upgrade of any type. We thought there would be no more ethernet. NOPE! They didnt even carry wireless modems! What a crock of crap! Well, their internet always went down at least 2 times or more a week, and they never credited me for 2 days down time when the net went down yet again, and it was their fault. Poor quality products and workmanship. Gee, big surprise there! They were never late letting themselves charge my CC every month when payment was due. When we finally did get their "fastest" service, we were glad that we read the fine print, as if I had cancelled before my year was up, then I would have been charged $170 bucks for "early termination". When I told them I was cancelling, they ignored me and tried to sell me even more of their crappy service. I was getting quite annoyed by this point, and that woman in the cancel dept was getting on my nerves by this time. She would not let me off of the phone, and after 20 minutes of listening to her, I finally said "Cancel The Damn Service!" and then hung up on her. Sorry I had to get rude, but they dont like no for an answer. Do not use this company under any circumstances. Save yourself the headache and hassles. Cheaper is NOT better. We have now signed up wtih Qwest and have had NO problems at all. Guess I should have gone with them to begin with!

  • At
      21st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    On my credit card I was being billed $3.95 a month. I tried for months to get call and email PeoplePC to cancel my account. After 6 months, I gave up and canceled my credit card. And now. Today. A full 12 months later, I get a call from a bill collector saying I owe PoeplePC $25.40 How do I stop this nightmare?

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