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Ripped off and Raped

I upgraded from dial up to DSL Lite with People Pc they told me the first three months would be 10.95 then the service would be 19.95 from then on. Wrong it is 39.95 and if I want to get out I pay them 149.95 to do so. They tell me there 1.5 service is twice as much as everybody elses DSL Lite Service and will not tell me how much the 3.0 service is. They monitor their calls for quality assurance, yea right. They have no customer service.

Stay Away from them at all Cost - They are a Nightmare. Your Average call to customer service is between 70 and 90 Minutes.

They are Ridiculous Liars.

Continued to charge

I used Everyone's Internet for a couple of years. They were purchased by PeoplePC and I received...

did not cancel my account and charged me for 2 exrtra month

I called peoplepc on july 28th 2008 to cancell my account. I was assured that the account has been cancelled but this did not happen.

I have been charged for August, september and november of 2008. I want my account to be cancelled and the money charged to me since I requested the cancellation to be refunded to me immediatly.

When I talked to the peoplepc on 10/23/08 I was told that they will not refund me. how can i get my account cancelled and money refunded.

I have not used their services since July 28th 2008.

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    Howard Scudder Oct 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello; I agree with everyone. peoples ain't worth the paper it sends its bills on. I sign up for 5 months and canceled it with in 4 months and I'm still being billed for there service that I no longer comes out of my account every month and that piss me off. I called them for 3 hours today and all I got was put on hold or cut off. when you talk with some one you can't understand them whats this country coming to.all I can say is if you people at peoples don't like what I said, then get a LIFE or SIT ON IT!!! your day is coming what goes and comes around amen to that,

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still charged after cancelation

I cancelled my people pc account in May. At that time I was told that I could keep and use my existing people pc email address at no charge. I said NO. I DO NOT WANT IT. CANCEL IT ALL. I recently discovered that not only is my email account still active, but I have also been getting charged a monthly fee for use of the email account. These are charges that have not been authorized and have been deducted from my checking account. I filed a complaint with the better buisiness bureau and wondered if anyone else did the same.


Earthlink seemed like a good company at first. I used them for wireless services, in conjunction with cable internet from Time Warner. As mentioned on this site, there phone service was terrible. Working out a minor issue would take at least an hour. I was assured I could keep paying for the wireless after ending my cable service, in order to avoid the $100 fee for canceling before a year. But when I closed my account at Time Warner, I was immediately charged the $100 (no warning). It took 2 hrs. to reverse this, and I could not simply tell them to cancel my account at the end of the year. I was told I had to call back after the contract terminated. But of course, when I called back and inevitably spent another hour on the phone, I found I was charged for the month after my 1-year termination date, and I could only get half of the charge back. WTF! To top it off, I cannot for the life of me get their software off of my laptop, so whenever I enter a URL that doesn't exist, Earthlink's page pops up, with embedded advertisements. Earthlink, tell me how this is not a parasitic ploy to make ad revenue. You are honestly a crooked company.

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charges after cancellation

PeoplePc has been charging my credit card for services I cancelled 5 months ago. I call, the people in India...

Resolved Scam and cheating

Bottom line: crappy internet service, incompetent customer service, and bogus charges that you are forced to pay if you care about your credit. I had Earthlink DSL and was paying with a credit card connected to my home equity line of credit. When housing prices declined, they lowered my credit limit and essentially cut off the card. I wanted to switch ISP's due to ongoing technical problems with service anyway so I didn't bother calling them. So they rightfully cut off my service when the card no longer worked.

A few months later I got a recorded message saying I needed to update my payment method. I called them to say I wanted to close the account anyway. They said they wanted to charge me for service since the card stopped working until the present time. I argued that I hadn't had any service from them for the past few months, so why should I pay for service I wasn't getting? They agreed to remove SOME of the charges made after they cut off my service. So I ended up paying for at least one month of service that I didn't receive.

I thought that was the end of it but it wasn't. I continued to get recorded calls saying I needed to update my payment method. I called them again to find out that even though I closed the account and paid the agreed upon amount, it was still active and they were continuing to charge me for service I wasn't getting. I explained the situation, told them I wasn't paying them for any more service that I had not received, and closed the account AGAIN.

Even after that I was still getting calls saying I needed to update my payment method. I was so annoyed that I simply ignored the calls.

Then, I started getting calls from a collection agency saying that I owed money for service that I did not receive from Earthlink and also more money because I didn't return the DSL equipment. Both times when I called to close the account, neither representative said ANYTHING about returning the equipment. I explained that I didn't owe them a dime for service and that this was the first thing I heard about returning the equipment. I would have been happy to return the equipment if they'd asked.

I asked if I should call Earthlink again. The collection agency said that all other customers who thought the charges were bogus were only sent back to them if they called Earthlink. She also said that most of the other customers who had been sent into collections by Earthlink complained that Earthlink was horrible to do business with.

So, I ended up paying half of the amount they said I owed just to clear the books and avoid a black mark on my credit rating (which is "excellent" because I pay what I owe).

So, if you give a crap about your credit score, you are more or less forced to pay whatever Earthlink says you owe them no matter how ridiculous the charges which basically amounts to extortion.

Resolved Scam and cheating

Called to cancel in May. They told me they did. Got call in August. My credit card on file had expired. "I do not have an account with you". "Yes, you do". Called customer service (at least 25 min on hold). Instead of canceling, as they told me they did. they gave me two "free" months and reinstated account. Canceled again. Was called two days later for credit card info. "I do not have an account with you". "Yes, you do". Called customer service again (another 25 min on hold). This time they had signed me up for an email account for $1.95/ month instead of canceling (again, as they told me they had)! Canceled again. I hope this time sticks! Bad, bad company with horrible and sneaky tactics. Someone needs to stop them.

wont cancel services

Tried unsucessfully to cancel services and Earthlink kept taking fee for another 6 months. Wont refund money...

Earthlink billing

In March 2008 I canceled by Earthlink as my service provider. I ask them to cancel everything. Months later I find that they are still charging me 9.95 per month for email usage which I have not and DID NOT want to use. The Indian on the phone said that he could only credit me with the lasts months billing of $9.95. I am pretty sure I will take this to small claims court since I have since read on the complaints about Earthlink that they are doing this to a number of folks. I would NOT use or recommend use of Earthlink as a service provider for anyone. They are a scam. If they are doing this to a number of people I can just imagine how this must add up in their behalf.

A very perturbed man!

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    Irishrink Dec 07, 2010

    I have been taken for a few months of earthlink's services!! They somehow got my credit card no. & billed me a couple times before I noticed it. My bank reversed the charges until Earthlink gave "proof" (as in, my forged signature) & then paid them back. I had to change my card to get it to stop. In addition, I wrote to them on one of their fraudulent bills that I NEVER signed up for them (it was dial-up, for crying out loud!! We've had DSL for YEARS at this point!!), nor do I want them & I want them to stop!

    Today I received a letter from a collection agency. They were INCREDIBLY rude, would not let me talk, so had to yell over her, then hang up. The only way to reach Earthlink is thru snail mail, conveniently, unless you have an "account, " which I supposedly do, but clearly do not have any log-in information, as I NEVER established an account with them! ARGH!

    If they don't clear EVERYTHING up in 30 (including anything reported to credit bureaus), I am going to the State Attorney General in their state (GA), as well as in my home state AND to the FCC!!

    Take note, Earthlink: YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GIRL!!!

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Resolved Unauthorized charges

My father, who is 85 years old, has an account with PeoplePc. In June of 2007 I set his account up for him and paid for one full year in advance with my bank account. In May of 2008 my father contacted them and told them he wanted to pay in advance for another year of service for himself. BUT he did not want to use a charge or debit card and he did not want it added to his telephone bill. So he got a certified check from his bank and sent it to the address that the lady from INDIA told him to send it to. (Which was in CALIFORNIA) He sent it by registered mail and requested a signed receipt.

Well June came around and you guessed it the check had not made it to the right destination yet (Which was GEORGIA) so the tried to pull money from my account again, which was blocked. Then Two months went by and my father had no service because they had disconnected his service for non payment. They added the charge to his phone bill (Which by the way you do not have to pay these charges and you phone company will not disconnect your phone).

They then received his check and he received his receipt in the mail. His service was reinstated. We thought all was fine. UNTIL THEY TOOK TWO MONTHS OF CHARGES OUT OF MY ACCOUNT IN AUGUST OF 2008. I don't know how they did it but they did and they insist he owes it for the two months of service before they received his check, YES the two months he had no service.

There is absolutely no way to contact them. You e-mail them and you get the same response to call this 888# and you call the 888# and you get NOTHING.

billing errors

I paid a bill over the phone, 7-19-08, for one of
My true voice phone accounts.
They applied the payment to the wrong account,
My other account.
They sent me a letter with early disconnect
And late fees because of their error. (335.08)
I have called several times on 8/5/08 and 8/7/08.
I requested to speak to a supervisor, only to be
Either disconnected on their end or left on hold
For more than 10 or 15 minutes.
I had also requested that a supervisor call me
Back, but that never happened.
Their web site has no e-mail address to ask for
Help and their on-line chat help does not work
Or address my issue or product.
On 8/7/08, one supervisor said that she would call me back, but never did.

Resolved Bad service

About a month ago I signed up for DSL since I had been so pleased with your dial-up service in the past. I...

Resolved Stuck paying Earthlink $700.00 for nothing

In November of last year my boyfriend and I moved in together and were in search of a cable and Internet provider. Since we didn't have established credit most companies wanted a high deposit.

My boyfriend found the number in the yellow pages for Earthlink. Since I had better credit than him, he suggested I call and talk with them. To my surprise the representative told me they wouldn't require any kind of deposit. From my understanding I was told I would be receiving cable and internet thru a satellite. I would be signing up for an 18 month contract to purchase the satellite and receive service.

I was also told that I would have 30 days to try out the service at no cost, if I wasn't happy I could cancel, if I was happy they would bill me January. My cost would be $102.95 a month. The man said he would need my bank account information to establish the account and assured me no money would be taken out until January. He gave me a number to call to set up a date for installation of the satellite. Again that wouldn't cost either.

So I called the number and unfortunately it would cost $125.00 for installation of the satellite. I also learned that this company was separate from Earthlink. At this point this sounded like the cheapest company to go with. I assumed the representative wasn't aware of the fee. So I set up the date for installation.

The man came and installed the satellite on the morning of November 15, I was at work and my boyfriend was at home. When I got home from work my boyfriend informed me that we only had internet and didn't have cable. He thought that maybe someone else would come to do the cable.

I called Earthlink and told them my problem. It was THEN that I was told they don't offer cable for televisions in my area. I told them that I didn't want the service and it was THEN I was told their would be a $500.00 cancellation fee that I would have to pay UPFRONT. I told asked them about the free 30 days and they told me their was no such thing as a free 30 days.

Obviously the representative lied to me about EVERYTHING. So at this point I felt like I was stuck with the service I didn't have $500.00 extra dollars. Then in the next few months they never took the money out of my account on the day they said they would. (the 13) It was either a few days before the 13 or up to a week after.

I ended up getting a prepaid credit card to make the payments. After not paying them for three months they finally disconnected my service. They started calling me 2-3 times a day. I eventually called them back to cancel the service. And the lady cancelled it just like that. She didn't even say anything to me about the cancellation fee. I had to ask her and she didn't know. I assumed I would be billed for it.

Earthlink ended up sending the bill to a collection agency that keeps harassing me. I've tried to set up payment arrangements with them but they want the whole amount up front which is somehow over $700.00. I don't know what to do. They put it on my credit report. But on my credit report it says I only owe 544.

I wouldn't recommend Earthlink to anybody they lied to me about everything. I would greatly appreciate any advice on this matter. My boyfriend and I are broke college students trying to make it from week to week.

Resolved Online scam

I have used peoplepc as a dial up service to connect to the internet for about a year. I found out that I received FREE wifi in my home, so I decided to cancel my service with peoplepc. When I called to cancel it wasn't that bad to do so. I got through the we'll give it to you for this much now, blah blah blah, I repeatedly said no thank you.

So I canceled 2 days after my billing date but they still had the nerve to charge me for that month. So I had to make another phone call and have them credit me which they did. Now on to why they're such trifling ###. I couldn't access my email no more, it would say 'log in server failed'.

I contacted live support to see why. I assume that this was a technical problem. They said that my account needed to be 'active' in order to check my email. I said you mean 'active' as in paying you for internet service which I don't need?. They replied yes. I shot them a new one so to speak. DO NOT bother signing up for internet service with them even if you're desperate. Other internet companies don't treat people that way. They're not worth it.

Ripped off

People pc will scam you! even if you cancel your service you will be billed! Also they will be rude with you! Fyi. keep all confirmation # as you will need this info. I canceled my service in 07/07 again i had to cancel in 2/08... and now i am still being billed! So again i call back to see why i am being billed} they are rude w/ me and tell me they cant do anything about it!

  • Ch
    Chris Hopp Nov 07, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh I agree. I tried to cancel months ago. They wont let you. talk you into a free month or whatever. And RUDE. Now I realized today they have started charging me again. Call in and same ###. This company is unbelievable. And hire some people that speak english for christs sake.I finally got it cancellled after an hour on the phone. Did not get my measly 41.70 refunded that they have chraged me since the last time I tried to cancel . Sent an email sure they wont respond. I was a member for 10 years. Didnt have any issues just now no longer needed their service. The last manager I talked with hung up on me when I asked for someone higher thab them and asked who I could write to and refused to give me any info and hung up. Un f in believable.

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Resolved No refund

Earthlink billed me for a service I never subscribed to (dial up service) via my verizon bill with out any request or permission. It took 6 weeks and an inordinate amount of time to get the account cancelled and they still wouldn't give me a refund for the repeated billing. What is more disappointing is that Verizon just let Earthlink bill my phone bill w/o permission or confirmation from me.

Never signed up but was charged

Someone used my phone number to gain internet access from People PC. People PC charged my Embarq phone bill $17.40 for 7 months. When the problem was caught, People PC would only refund a small amount of the fraudulent billing. After being passed around to several different people, I finally spoke with "Shane" at People PC. He claimed to be the head of customer service and he told me that I could not speak to anyone higher than him. He told me they could not do anything else for me. He said I needed to dispute the charges within one month... and because it went unnoticed for 7 months, that was my problem. I don't know about you... but I don't sit around scrutinizing every penny on every bill every single month. I trust a big company like Embarq to bill me correctly. I also figure if a mistake was discovered by either of us, they would take of it. I know that's not how fine print works, but come on! We're talking fraud!

Here's the problem - I was charged for something I had never asked for and was refused a proper refund by People PC. Every person I had talked to at People PC (8 different people) asked me for my telephone number, name and address to verify the account. Every single one of them confirmed that my name and address did not match the name and address on the account. I said... "I know. That's the problem. Someone is fraudulently using my phone number." I don't understand why 8 different people (including Shane... a.k.a. the head of EVERYTHING) checked this information, but no one checked to see if the original phone number and name matched the billing account when the criminal had originally signed up for internet access using my phone number.

Now, Embarq is partially to blame for this problem. They could have attempted to confirm the information provided from People PC when they began to bill me for the internet access. The difference is, Embarq admitted the mistake and fixed the problem. I now know that you have to request a blockage of outside parties having the ability to bill your account. I admit that it is possible that Embarq asked me about that service when I first signed up for phone service 4 years ago, but I never imagined that someone else could charge my account without my permission. I would think that at least one or both companies (Embarq and the outside party - this time being People PC) would take the responsibility of verifying information when a new service is established.

Conclusion: People PC - Absolutely disgusting.

Bad tech support

I've had for about 2 yrs now. The last 8 mos it had gotten pretty bad. Slow dial up. Trying to get to my e-mail took any where from 10 min to 45 min. Too often got knocked of the inter net while i was reading my e-mail. So called tech support, got no where there. I tried to tell them all the problems i had login on. They started with a set of instructions in what to do while on the phone with them. After about an hour they tell me i have to shut down my pc and all will be better. OOOk.

The pc seemed to run a bit better, but still too many steps to get to my e-mail. To make a long story short, I had to call 3 times to fix my pc's problems.But the problems came back as bad as ever if not worst.
So today i tried to log on, no internet server, can not display, to much traffic on lines. Every excuse they can find to tell you you can't get on line.

Sooo I call tech sup twice, each time i was transferred to a tech and each time music came on while i wait then click. Yes they hung up on me, with out me even telling them what i think about them.How about that?

Well I'm going to get to them soon and i will let them have it and i am going to cancel. To think that they want us to recommend them to our friends.

billing for a service I already pay Brighthouse for and I do not use. double payment for just internet access only.

Since November my PC Crashed and I had to reinstall all my programs. I use brighthouse as my internet provider only and only for internet access. I pay bright house $45 monthly for the past 3 years with no problem. until my pc crashed. I explain to bill me later I am not suppose to be getting this bill since November 2007 and still have not gotten it resolved. They are still billing for service I do not use. I told them I contacting brighthouse and Earthlink and reporting it but still not getting any result. I refuse to pay for a service I do not use or need and informed them to fix it. Til this day they are still be billing me and I am spoke to the supervisor for bill me later, I spoke to brighthouse and earthlink. Earthlink was suppose to inform bill me later and I am still getting billed. I will be filling a report with the BBB. They are messing up my credit. if you see anything that said Bill be later, stay away. they are quick to bill you and destroy your credit and not fix a mistake.