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Pella Designer Series Windows and Doors / poor quality/no customer service

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 8305343110

I bought $65K in Pella windows and doors. the Pella service, from delivery to quality of finished product has been horrible. The units are missing parts, some were damaged from shipment, windows don't function properly, and Pella has completely ignored our repeated requests, both verbal and in writing, to rectify these numerous complaints with their products. the house is about 85% completed, and I am very concerned that with what we have discovered to date will pale when it comes to the operating and actually using the windows! The Austin sales rep, Sean Miller, has made repeated promises and has yet to fulfill any of them. The Pella Texas regional supervisor, Louis Talamantes has also failed to follow thru with his repeated promises of actions to be taken by Pella. I would strongly suggest that anyone considering purchasing high end windows for their home definitely choose any other brand than Pella. I am going to contact the Texas Attorney Generals' office to file a formal complaint against this company I would also certainly be interested in joining any pending Class Action suits being considered against Pella.

Brooks Wilson

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      8th of Aug, 2009
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    Pella Inc. In my experience Pella could not car less about anyone or anything. My company installed windows for one of their distributers (DHD) in New York. Contractors and homeowners beware!! In short they owe us over $6, 000 for over 11 months. Phone calls and messages to the President Desmond Rea have gone unanswered. The new person in charge of installations Travis Earl is doing nothing but trying to figure out reasons why not to pay us. Recently I was sent a check for work done last November. They had no right or reason to hold the money. Now they are holding an additional $3, 200 saying if I accept this payment(which is already due to me)I have to agree to close the situation. LOL.

    Their windows are good but do have many flaws. My company only did about 11 jobs for them but we have seen many of the issues discussed. Trying to get help from anyone at Pella Inc. is almost impossible. I know of several Pella installers for DHD windows that are having similar problems collecting their money. Anyone else out there that can relate feel free to contact me.

  • Tx
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    You know if home owners would take responsibility for their products and the parts that come along with those products you wouldn't have any issues. The major problem with complaints like this is the fact that they are not based upon any facts and do not take into account all that happens behind the scenes to get winey customers happy but keep coming up with more stuff that has nothing to do with what the original problem. Builders and home owners have to have their hands held through the entire process. I mean come on, how can someone be so helpless as to need a service tech come out to a job site to put on screens and handles. I have worked with Pella for years and have nothing but an excellent experience with them every time. I have found that if you show mutual respect for individuals who are trying to work with you on a project you get a lot from it. I have sat back and watched Pella employs bend over backwards for other customers and builders who really do not deserve it. I have sat in the office getting quotes and service from employs and have to listen to the complaints of incompetent home owners and builders who quite frankly I do not understand how they are still in business. A lot of the complaints from home owners and builders are based on emotion and have no merit. They over react to every little thing that doesn’t go as planned.

  • Bp
      17th of Oct, 2009
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    Dude, your attitude stinks... everyone knows that you cant make everyone happy... but your response is towards a consumer that creates your paycheck... i hope they dont know where u live...nothin in this world is perfect... but a product or a company is only as good as the person that stands behind it... do u sleep well?... pella must be proud to have such a proffessional working for them... i will refer to what you said... "i sat back"... bet you are 400 lbs... i bet your competition is laughin there a__ off...

  • Tx
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    Learn to read idiot. I do not work for them, I work with them. I order windows from them on a regular basis. I get along well with their employees. They always answer my questions and their service department has never done me wrong. I have nothing but good things to say about the employees. My customers and home owners have nothing but good things to say about the company and their employees. Again, as I made it clear in my previous comment, I work with them. I am not a Pella employee. Can you sleep at night knowing that you can't read and comprehend letters that are placed together to make words, and those words placed together to make sentences. I mean come on, learn to read before you go off on someone and make yourself look like a total ###. You’re the type of person that makes life difficult for others. Because of your inability to read I am sure that you go into businesses where you have purchased something and go off on them because it doesn’t do what you thought it would do, but yet if you would read the instructions or the package that it came in you would know what the product does and how it is suppose to work. You need everything done for you because you are helpless and believe that just because you paid someone for a product they should bow to your ever wish. You sir are a parasite on society, and through the power of the web you can sit in your mom’s basement, while taking a break from whatever nerdy game you play, get onto a message board and write about something that you have no knowledge about and sound like a big man and call people fat. The fact remains that you are probably still a virgin and do not know the touch or love of a beautiful woman. Stop drinking the mountain dew and get hooked on phonics. I mean really get a job, become a productive member of society. Learn what it’s like in the real world and deal with people and not their avatar.

  • Ab
      1st of Jul, 2010
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    I, personally, have had a really bad experience using Pella. I've experienced many problems with my Pella Architect Series Windows and Doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on the glass, rotting wood among other issues. These Pella windows and doors were installed throughout my house in 1995. Problems with the windows began less than 10 years after installation. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. On my website,, you can see photos detailing the defects with my Pella windows and doors.

    I've very interested in hearing other people's similar experiences with Pella. If you have had these problems with Pella, please go to my website, and tell me your similar experience so that we may educate consumers. Thanks for your time!

  • Br
      23rd of May, 2011
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    Desmond Rea is a ###, unless hes making money off you he doesnt care about you.
    Worked for him, such a bad experience.
    Trys to no pay anyone he can, customet service is awful.
    All he sees is $$$ signs.

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