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Pegasus Airlines check-in yesterday at Ben Gurion airport.

We were waiting patiently in line with 2 kids (5 & 7) for about an hour until it was finally our turn. We approach the counter and suddenly Melissa says her counter is now closed and we need to go somewhere else. We literally couldn't believe our ears because she was checking everyone else in and even after the entire saga was over, she went ahead and checked in m a young couple just after us! There literally was no reason for this at all but she simply decided she wants to ruin our day. She didn't want to listen or even cared that we had a flight very soon and now that her counter was closed, there was nothing we could do. We had to find a manager, some guy from security and plead with them to help issue our tickets, while her boss is behind security without any access. Then, after we finally got our tickets we told her we will file a complaint, to which she answered, "we will not be sending your luggage on that flight, you do whatever you want". It was such a disgusting experience that after checked in we tried to talk to her supervisor and the response was "we don't want to hear about it" or something of that nature.
We definitely had worst and most disgusting service and attitude in addition to threatening to refuse issuing tickets less 1 hour before our flight to Milan. I think it would be great if we can find a way to get fired.

Aug 01, 2016
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      Oct 23, 2016

    My flight was last Friday from Ankara to London. Miss Cansu Bavagir was responsible.
    ESB -SAW 17:50 was the flight.
    I approached to counter for check in.
    I have given my baggages to her and she weighted was 23kg. She said she can accepted only 20kg. I said I don't have hand bag and m allow other 8kg in to plane. Baggage was nicely packed sequire. There was no problem at all. I had to take 2 books off the bag. I did so. It was completed. She said her workmates wiil carry the baggages to plane because there were no handles at baggages. I said OK no problem. I just asked that to her "window seat please". Then she asked me that to carry the baggages somewhere else at the back of the counters. I did so. I did not want to make trouble and argue that's why I did what she said. But I did not like her attitude and treatment and the way she looking at my eyes and to me. I got her name from her bench. I thought better to write complain letter to Flypgs. I always buy ticket from flypgs. But next time if I come across attitude my reflexion will be definiently different. It was very bad experience and I did not like at all.

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