Pegasus Airlines - Geneva StaffRude and unethical behavior

On 4 May 2017, I was booked for a flight to Beirut from Geneva (GVA) vis a vis Sabiha on a US Passport. At check in in GVA, I was asked how long I planned to stay in Beirut. I explained I lived in Beirut. I was then asked for my residency in Beirut. I explained I did not have a residency and move in and out of Beir on the tourist visa that I am given (one month that is actually valid for two months in Lebanon) and if I was unable to prove I lived in Beirut, I needed to purchase a return ticket out of Lebanon.

When I questioned this, I was told that it was the policy of the Lebanese authorities to indicate that I did not plan on overstaying the month visa I am given on my US passport to enter Lebanon. This is simply untrue. I fly into Beirut Airport at least 2-3 times a month and have never been asked to produce a return ticket out of Beirut. I asked to see a supervisor, who never came as I refused to purchase a return ticket out of Beirut. I saw no need to buy a Pegasus ticket for a rule or regulation that I had never experienced at Beirut Lebanese airport.

Another staff member came to speak to me and asked me about my origins. If I was Iranian or Turkish. I explained that I was born in Syria, I was asked again about my origins despite my traveling on a US passport.

At this point, I was offended and angry that I was asked about my origins and determined to not buy a return ticket as I did not feel this was at the request of the Lebanese authorities but a policy implemented by Pegasus to ensure ticket sales.

My office booked me on a return flight to Beirut vis a vis Ataturk on Turkish Airlines. I was not asked to produce a return ticket or any further questions were asked in so far as my passport allowed me to enter the country.

I would like compensation for the flight I missed due to your staff's rude behavior and this ridiculous policy to force people to buy tickets they do not need. If this was indeed a policy, I would have heard about it from the travel company that issued my ticket.

May 08, 2017

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