Pearle Visionnew lenses within 6 months means buy them

I bought rimless glasses with insurance, $540.27 Lots of good that did me. I moved out of state and had an eye exam and was told I need a new RX. It had ONLY been 6 months since I bought the expensive designer eye wear.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bellevue, WAI called Factoria and was told sure send them back (I pay shipping) and we'll change the lenses to the new RX (that I must pay for!) Holy Bleep! What a rip off! I moved to Louisiana and there is No Pearle Vision here so I cannot even get lenses for these useless expensive rimless frames unless I pay Pearle again! Here in Louisiana, every eye wear place automatically replaces the lense for free within the year. Go figure, meanwhile I move across the country and in order to use these frames now I have to buy new lenses thru Pearle OR buy new frames and lenses. Their Insurance is a waste money.

Pearle Vision

May 08, 2017

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