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Peak Fitness in Winston Salem, NC / Sixty day cancellation

1 Robinhood RdWinstonSalem, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 336-439-2705

Joined Peak Fitness on Robinhood Rd. in Winston Salem, NC in November 05 and after 6 months wanted to cancel, but could not according to the contract I had 24 months before I could cancel. Have not used facility for 18 months but had to continue to pay. Then after 24 months were up, once again tried to cancel and was informed of the fine print on the contract which states you must allow 60 notice for cancellation. So now a 24 month contract that was not used for 18 months has become a 26 month contract with 20 months of paying the facility for non use. Company (facility, corporate office as well as financial company handling the contract) were very inflexible and the employees at the gym itself on Robinhood Rd. in Winston Salem were very condescending and rude.

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  • Pa
      5th of Dec, 2007
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    Totally agree - NC Attorney General filed suit against Peak Fitness. The PDF released by the NC Attorney General can be found here: fitness.pdf

  • Bo
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    If Peak Fitness were the last club in the world I would not go back there.

  • Vi
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    They tell you everything you want to hear to join. They dont tell you the other stuff because you would change your mind and not join. They are crooks and I will tell everyone I know that they are. What goes around comes around and I only hope and pray that news gets around before they screw someone else. The YMCA is great and they are month to month and you can cancel anytime. Oh and peak has those hidden equipment maintenance fees. There are no hidden fees at the YMCA you know up front.

  • Br
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    Does anyone know Pete's fitness corporate office number of know where i could find I signec up at peaks fitness and I canceled my membership, and i have yet to get my $50 back. I called the gym and they said that I had to talk to abc financial and i called there ands they said that I had to take it up with a manager or whomever was in charge and I called back and they said that a manager wasn't there and im starting to believe that they are trying tp play mew.

  • Pe
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    I also tried to cancel after 14 months of service when I moved out of town and got the run around from their financial group. I sent an e-mail to the corporate office but didn't receive a reply. I feel that they were deceptive and then make it impossible to cancel. I've tried to find their home address and am finding it difficult. I'm filing with the BBB but even that is hard without their corporate information. If you have, please advise.

  • Je
      26th of Apr, 2008
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    I totally agree.
    I was fast talked into signing a contract, as was my girlfriend. We were even told by the employee that we were saving money by signing up for a year but that we could cancel if we wanted-he didn't tell us that we only had three days! We have been cheated, lied to and and it sounds like many others have as well. They make it almost impossible to get a hold of anyone who can help. They'll refer you to their financial company who plays stupid and refers you back to the manager who tells you to e-mail the website and on and on and on!

    We need to stop these criminals, why aren't they out of business yet?

    Here's the e-mail of someone who finally contacted me, who was rude and completely useless as far as helping or even offering an explaination, he's already had to have his name on the news for a similar offense by the company to the one that I have experienced-

    Marti Williams :

    and here's the corporate info for all any of you-

    Fitness Management
    P.O. Box 2220
    Davidson, NC 28036

  • Za
      27th of May, 2008
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    PEAK FITNESS is the worst place in the world. I hope everyone that goes there figures this place out and they go bankrupt and lose everything. I hate them, and I hate their service. They are the worst people to deal with and their financial company is a joke and should be fired by PEAK! I HOPE THEY GO UNDER and everyone loses their jobs.

    Hate them.

  • Je
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    Completely agree, my boyfriend and I have been trying to get out of this contract with them for almost 2 years now. We realized early on that it was not the gym for us at all. But unlike any other gym that I have ever used; they are scam artists. It is impossible to get out of the contract, even after it has expired. If you read the fine print on the back, you will see that it says if you do not notify them in writing in the 23rd month, then you will be automatically re-enrolled. At this point you then have to give 60 days notice of cancellation. I have yet to meet anyone who has ever been happy with that establishment, but when I do mention their name, people cringe. We have learned our lesson and will never ever sign a gym membership contract again.

    I agree with another poster, that the YMCA is the best place (of course I used to work there as a personal trainer so I am biased) also in NC a good gym is Planet Fitness, they don't have exercise classes, but they are the nicest people in the world, cheap and you can absolutely cancel at any time and they are completely understanding and the environment is nice to work out in.

    My advice is to start writing them well in advance of your 23rd month and send by certified mail, so you have proof that you sent them notification of your intent to cancel. The letter does not have to be fancy, you could find a template online probably, just make sure you use dates and clearly state your intent to cancel membership and state that they no longer have the right to automatically draft your account. Then notify your bank that after the 24th month, they no longer have your permission to draft your account.

  • Ca
      11th of Jun, 2008
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    Here is more info for people:

    Corporate number: 704-439-2705
    Records department: 704-896-5521

    After all the BS I got these numbers. Peakfitness is a RIPOFF!

  • Sh
      2nd of Jul, 2008
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    Peak Fitness is the worst buisness in the world, not jus gym in the world. I have unsucessfully tried to get out of a ontact with them for about a year and a half due to the run around they give in regards to written responses whish I did over the e-mail and there inability to update thier records. Resulting in them continuing to draft my account, not to mention the BS they said about 60 day cancelation notice policy. I Hate PEAK

  • Je
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    I totally agree! Please visit my blog on the matter:

    Together, we can make them hear our complaints and maybe we can bring them down, the ###!

  • Da
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    OK's the deal. I completley agree with you. Hope you have a moment to read all this. I joined Peak Fitness in NC when me and my husband moved there from TN. I signed a year contract. I joined on Jonestown road where b4 I signed I asked the Manager "Emily i believe" if they took the payments. I was lied to. She said they took out the payments. ( I had previously had an issue with canceling a membership in TN) I signed the agreement. Stupid. Not until i go to cancel (my hubby was being transferred to Gainesville, Ga) Did I even find out that I had to deal with ABC financial. Whatever. I call ABC ell them I am moving. There is no Peak Fitness nearby, and that I needed to cancel. They said I had to send proof that I had moved (i.e lease agreement/utility bill) I thought fair enough.Then I am told it will take between 60 to 90 days to cancel. WTF! But hey I am just trying to cancel. I agreed. The guy Jamal at ABC said I have to send a registered letter w/ proof. I said well I am at a fax machine Can I fax it. He said sure. He said if there was any issue that I would be contacted and told what to do next. I said okay thanks for your help. I faxed the lease /letter. Here comes June. I am doing bills and realize there are charges on my credit card ( I had recently paid off) for May and June. I call ABC. They tell me that they never received the info. I said well I am sorry that mistakes happen. What can WE do to ix it. I am told nothing! I sent the lease again clearly stating when I moved in the apartment. January of 08. This is August and I am STILL dealing with this. I even offered to pay the extra month left on my membership. (Wouldn't have been canceled till April, membership should have ended in May anyways) Now they say I owe for a month to month deal that I was NEVER informed about. I am refusing to pay that. I haven't lived near those gyms in almost a year. I say to myself.. If ABC won't help Surely the guys at Peak will. they Know me and Know that I have moved. WRONG. Took nearly two weeks to get ahold of this guy named Brent at Robinhood I believe. I Finally got ahold of him on day 14 of calling on the 5th call. WORTHLESS..refused to give me a corporate number. i found a number on the BBB site and called it. The lady there "paris" is actually very helpful. She has even told me to fax it to her personally and she will give it to someone there. I am having that faxed today, and I have also written an email to a lady named Nicole Miller. I also sent a registered letter stating all this I have told you and more with the proof of my move. ABC keeps telling me that it will go to collections. I told them I didn't care. If I ever needed credit I would take proof of everything I am saying and nobody would count it against me. I am hoping that I am taken to court. If you look up Peak fitness /abc financial you will find nothing but complaints and lawsuits! DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM!!!

  • Jo
      27th of Aug, 2008
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    Yeah, Peak has a terrible reputation for taking advantage of people, not refunding money, and billing people after their memberships expire. And thats not even the tip of the iceberg; check out this page:

  • Ts
      18th of Jan, 2011
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    I signed a 2 year contract in late 2006. The Peak Fitness located on Robinhood Rd. was evicted in August of 2009. I was never contacted by Peak Fitness to discuss my pending memebership or informed that all locations in the Winston-Salem area had closed. One day I showed up at the gym and the doors were locked and the building was vacant. I contacted the billing company for Peak Fitness and was told that my monthyly draft would stop in a few billing cycles. Several months later my checking account was still being drafted. I again contacted the billing company was told the same thing. Each time I would contact them to discuss the issue I was transferred form person to person and was told that management was not available to speak with me. Emails and voice mails were NEVER returned. IT is now January of 2011 and I am still dealing with these jerks. I actually spoke with several employees of Allstate Financial yesterday and was told that they had no record of me EVER calling or emailing to cancel my membership. I advised that the felt as through as I was entitled to a refund for the months that I had been billed since Peak Fitness was evicted from the Robinhood Rd. location. I was told that they were cancelling my membership and that was all that could be done. I have since contacted the BBB, Fox 8 news as well as the Winston Salem Journal to let everyone know what a bunch of winners these people are. I suggest calling Fox 8 news if you are still having billing/cancellation issues with Peak Fitness. They may be interested in doing a follow-up story of this issue.

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