Peachford Hospitalmental health facility issues

S Nov 26, 2017

This is the letter I submitted to a patient advocate:
My daughter is a patient in unit 1. She is 14 years old. She, as of this date has been there for an entire week. I have many issues that I am very upset about. Basic "Standard of Care" is not being met in some of these situations. I have been quiet up until now because my daughter is being treated there and I feared she would be treated bad, or worse if I spoke up. But, as a nurse myself, I can no longer be quiet after what I have witnessed today.

I started asking for the doctor to call me 5 days ago. We had immediate family coming from out of town that wanted to see her and one hour was not enough. I did not want to sacrifice my time as her mother, nor did I think it was fair to rotate people who are not local that can choose another day of visitation. I called and called and requested to no avail never got a call back. I could have told the family not to drive from out of town with a courtesy of a simple phone call back. I believe I was patient waiting 5 days for a call back. My daughter is a 1017 NOT a 1013. I brought her there for help. She is not an animal, and is a human and deserves respect. That being said I will list the most recent issue first and move backwards.

1.) Because no one called me back regarding visitation today and family came, Donte made arrangements for Gracie to see everyone. Gracie was HAPPY! She was SMILING! Something I had not seen my daughter do in a long time. She NEEDED this. I understand we broke the rules, I get that, but the manner in which Andrea, and Paga and Linda acted was inappropriate. Then, Andrea, Paga and Linda come in and FORCE Gracie to choose who will be able to stay and visit with her with 15 minutes left in visitation. My daughter then begins crying and says she cant choose she loves all of us. How inappropriate. If they had been polite, we would have gladly complied. They had an attitude with me in front of my daughter. And, then was rude to my daughter right in front of me. If they act like that in front of me, how do they treat her when I am not there? Unprofessional was not the word for Andrea, Paga and Linda; Linda's attitude being the worst. Linda and Andrea and Paga proceeded to reprimand Donte in front of my daughter and me. Seriously? Again unprofessional. My daughter loves Donte. He is always smiling, and has respect for people and wants what IS BEST for the patients. When no one can talk my daughter down Donte, Brian and Dominique can. My daughter has respect for them, as she said they treat her with respect and redirect her, instead of getting rude and verbal with her. That is appropriate care. The way I was treated, and my daughter and family were treated was unreasonable, and beyond rude. Every time I called regarding family coming, no one called me back. This could have all been avoided with a call back. Or a simple line of communication. Which is not there.
2.) There is an employee there named Jeff who yelled at these girls and said verbatim, "You all are little [censor] and I am only here for the paycheck". When she is telling me this during visitation, other girls heard and piped up and stated that this was true. These girls are not animals. They are humans and deserve respect. I don't know how many time I need to say this for it to sink in.
3.) Gracie was very upset about a situation and she made a choice to punch a concrete wall. I do not blame the facility for this, Gracie made a choice, however, no one called me, and no one took her for an x-ray to ensure that it was not broken. At visitation today, I noticed there is a large hematoma on her hand that is bruised. Rest assured, I will take my daughter for an xray when she is discharged within 24 hours, and if it is broken, we will have a lawsuit. My Step-father is a attorney. This is in no way, standard of care.
4.) Andrea, and Linda and Paga treated both my daughter and myself with total disrespect. Their attitudes were less than professional. Apparently they are jaded to people's feelings and have lost their empathy for patient care and need to find another profession.
5.) Back to lines of communication. My daughter has new scratched on her arm. Has no one noticed them? I know there are 40 girls on that unit, and not everything can be caught, I understand that. But, it should have been noticed at some point and SOMEONE should have called me. No one did. I notice them at visitation.
6.) On a positive note: Donte, and Bryan and Dominique are AMAZING in Gracie's care. All three of these employees have the best in mind for these patients. They are kind, and caring and have empathy for the patients. Gracie only speaks highly of these three employees. They treat these girls and patients with respect. Gracie is not out of control, she is level headed if you just talk to her. She is easily redirected if you just talk to her and these three employees can attest to that. We came voluntarily. Please keep this in mind. In NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM should Donte be reprimanded for doing what was best for Gracie. Those three employees whom were rude are the problem and need repremand. This is not about taking things personal, this is about what IS BEST for my daughter. Donte, had what was best for Gracie in mind!

Not that I should have to, but I am going to remind you that Gracie is MY CHILD, and she does NOT belong to Peachford.

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