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PCH & Arkadiam INC allows faulty programming to infect your computers with Trojan viruses!!! Their code writers are useless, there is too many glitches in their system-they open your system to Trojan Attacks, I have been under attack from Trojans at least 3 times while on-PCH Games. I have gotten the same scratch off after everyday PCH lotto for many weeks. The daily scratch off are for the most part the same everyday. Most days you do not get the tokens that they tout, if you get any tokens at all. Friends request is broken most days, now it seems for some that you can't even log in. I blame Arkadium INC. as well, as they are the game portal for PCH. PCH & Arkadium are advergamers and are only interested in their ad revenue and not the happy and joyful experience for the gamers. As can be noted in the 5 word reviews on a daily basis, not too many happy players on PCH. Also, if you read their reviews on Facebook and PCH site, their popularity is also minimal at best. There are laws in regards to contests. I seriously doubt they are following them to the letter of the law. I happen to know that there has to be a certain payout for scratch offs, I know that they are not following those laws and guidelines. I have no doubt that they are unethical and immoral in how they payout for lottos, scratch offs, and token prizes. With the amount of traffic they bring to their site and their unique visitors the payout on small prizes should be very much higher-a great deal higher. What are they allowed to continue in these deceptive practices? Why are they allowed to continue to allow peoples computers to come under attack due to their lack of programming knowledge? How many people’s computers are dead because of their malfeasance and Trojan attacks? They make millions of dollars a year in ad revenue, why don't they not hire intelligent and creative programmers. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, The BBB, and the Attorney General in NY, and [redacted]. I am sick of getting ripped off and being told false and deceptive information and their clone generated form responses to technical issues.

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  • Th
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I'm getting calls on my phone from this number 1(631)823-6075 stating they are Publishing Clearing House, and I need to send them money in order to recieve my prize money.

  • Ri
      15th of Apr, 2013
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    Please do NOT put a submit tile prior to a skip tile within the same window. I wasted my time on several occasions by
    Your deceptive advertising schiemes. Please STOP this!!!

  • Ri
      15th of Apr, 2013
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    I tried to submit a complaint. It was ignored; probably like this will be; however we shall over come.

  • Ne
      27th of Feb, 2014
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    My life has been an online nightmare since I was dumb enough to enter the PCH Sweepstakes. Not only do they spam me to death over and over several times each day, they also send physical huge fat packets of mail. They try to FORCE you into ordering by entitling every e-mail with something like if YOU DON'T ACT NOW---IMMEDIATELY--YOU ARE FORFEITING YOUR ENTIRE ENTRY. At one point I had "placed an order" I didn't even know I was placing and it took forever to figure out how to call them and cancel it. They are rude. The whole thing is a scam and its my nightmare every time I turn on my computer. Give it a rest PCH. And, for all of us "wanna be" winners, if you think you are truly GOING TO WIN the Powerball lottery (1 in 275 million chance), then go ahead and take your chance with PCH. I SO WISH I HAD NEVER BEEN SO STUPID. Please, if you value your sanity, STAY AWAY FROM PCH!

  • Du
      4th of Oct, 2015
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    I tried several times to send this to pch. Each time it was returned because the mailbox was not monitored. Special savings because we are loyal customer. Not loyal, ignorant maybe, but not loyal. The Original Tumble Buggy Red Car 17.95, same price as before. The Licorice Lovers Mix was so rubbery, it was impossible to chew. I did receive the Raspberry Crèmes. Being a chocolate lover, , I was hopeful. The Chocolate was old, it had white spots, also hard to chew. The crème filling, was dry and grainy. The money I spent that we could not afford. Like so many of your customers. I spent money we couldn't afford. Each time I said enough. I would get another message "I was so close" I would move up to Elite Customer Status. Would I please take another look at the gifts, "we could sure use your support." That sounds like a bait and switch scheme. They stay just within the line of the law. We, the consumers, need to stop being taken in by their deception.

  • Js
      22nd of Jan, 2018
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    I was looking on your site, as I was i put 2 things into the "basket" but did not complete the order. You went on and sent me the items billing me, stating that when I submitted the enter to win I was also ordering the items in the basket EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT COMPLETE THE PURCHASE.
    This is a deceptive trade issue. I called and complained as this practice is in violation of the postal code. Which states if you didn't order the item you don't have to pay for it; furthermore you don't even have to return it.
    I was surprised that the employee knew the postal code and I had no problem canceling the billing, he even knew I didn't have to return the items.
    Now we'll see if the billing department ceases and desists.

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