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Larry Brannon 70 West 93rd Street New York, NY 10025 New York, NY 10025 [protected] [protected]

PC Richardson 2372 Broadway New York, NY 10024
Invoice Number 64-[protected]

To Whom It May Concern:
RE: Customer Complaint /New Stove Request
This letter is a formal complaint and request to receive a new free range electric stove. If I cannot receive a completely new stove at this point I would like a full refund for the stove. I purchased the electric stove along with several other appliances on May 9th 2017. The first time the stove was used it resulted in a defect on the top piece of the free range stove. I was told by my sales representative that I had adequate coverage through PC Richardson to address any issues that may arise with the appliances. I spent a total of $2, 502.27 when I purchased the electric stove which includes other items.
I visited the PC Richardson at 2372 Broadway about 4-6 times to figure out a viable solution. I was told to contact the service center and they would be able to set up an appointment. After the service center set up a visit June 20th 2017, I was informed a new range top would be ordered and it would take 3-4 weeks. We never received a call back. On September 4th I was told by PC Richardson at 2372 Broadway that the issue would be addressed and I would receive a call September 5th. I received a call the next day, the person who called me said the new stove top arrived at the factory, also I should contact Yarga at 973.800.7172 to setup a time for the drop. I called the number several times, also I left voice messages nevertheless I still haven’t received a response.
It is now September 21st 2017, I still haven’t received any replacement and it’s going on 6 months with a defective stove. This is exploitive and no what quality of product I paid for. My tenants have been using a damaged stove now for close to six months. I’m not sure why this matter isn’t being taken serious, but this is a horrible customer service experience for me. This situation has caused me financial and emotional stress, and the staff at PC Richardson 2372 seems at most indifferent about the matter. I hope PC Richardson treats all customers fairly and equally.


Larry Brannon Faullin Brannon

Sep 20, 2017
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      Sep 20, 2017

    The 'defect' is never explained so it's difficult to know how much weight to give the complaint.

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