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California City, CA, United States
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I feel your pain! My husband is in Hospice with stage 4 lung cancer and they are holding roughly $450 on their so called Visa cards that I purchased that was needed to buy his feeding tube supplies and now I'm left with trying to find a way to buy his supplies because I'm pretty sure that after speaking with their "manager" I won't be getting a refund. I was told that both myself and my husband were on hold with them for a fraud block too, even though I gave all the correct info again and again. I suspect that they use the "fraud block" as an excuse to hold your funds never to be seen again. I'm filing a complaint with our State Attorney General's office. And I think our grocery store chain ( Giant Eagle) should not promote or carry these cards in their stores because they are promoting the problem. I'm not sure what else to do. I have to let other bills go to get his supplies. Honestly! I don't know how these people sleep at night?! I will let everyone I know to not use them because they are a SCAM! Best of luck to everyone and I hope you get your money back!

Jan 17, 2016

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