PayPower / fraud based on loading card using MoneyGram

Randolph, United States

They called me presenting as IRS investigator as king me to pay $4250 or I will be arrested if I will not pay. The asked for government voucher. I became in panic, I'm green card holder, and I started to follow the instructions. They told me to go to MoneyGram and send 500 to an account. Before doing that I asked he shop and they told me the payment will have password, later I discovered it was not true. I paid $940 to the account [protected] (I discovered later it is prepaid from PayPower) and $500 to the account [protected] (prepaid card from PayPower) and later $1500 on 3 PayPower cards, I didn't give them because I understood and broke the communication.
After I went to the Randolph, MA police and they have all my documents.
Doing same investigation by myself I found that it is possible using the feature PayPower prepaid cards have for recharging using MoneyGram payment.
I think this functionality is the way this frouf is executed and it could be stopped.
There is a way to identify who removed the money.
As I did later to empty the prepayd card I got, PayPower is asking for name, address and SSN for the card to be usable on ATM machines.
I asked PayPower and they told me the request must came from Police or FBI so the cards used to scam me are:
[protected] and [protected] and the calls arrived from [protected] (I also have voice mail they left 1/16/15) and from [protected] (just happened again today) .
So they are pretty active and not organized because they called me again.
Thank you for your help and I hope those information will help to them in jail.

Jan 27, 2015

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