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My first complaint is one that is of a more recent occurrence. Sometime last year, PayPal screwed up an account transaction that left me unknowingly owing them $290. I discovered my account was locked, and I didn't understand why despite attempting to e-mail the company to get some kind of understanding with no response. I later on received a collection for the funds, and based on not being able to prove that I actually didn't owe them the money, I finally paid the bill off. I directly e-mailed their appeals department to get information on what needs to be done next, and received no response after a couple days. I finally tried to log back in after finding out my collections payment had cleared, and it was still locked, so I submitted a response through their website, a couple days later, no response. So I finally e-mailed them again, 3rd attempt - and will give them a couple days before I contact the Better Business Bureau. I cannot obtain a phone number because when I tried to get their Service Center number, it required me to log in, and when I do, it takes me back to the "your account is locked, e-mail appeal..etc." message from before and back to square one. I would be absolutely screwed if not for the next initial realization in my next complaint.

Because of the account locking, I had to set up a different account to do business with through my record label and other business. By other business I mean buying goods through retailers that only accept PayPal or mail in payments. I had made a purchase to a Japanese retailer, and sent in a refund to a customer who ordered an item that is now indefinitely out of stock. I am forced to have my PayPal account for the business set up through my savings account because the original is through my checking. When I processed the funds for these two transactions, I had thought that I had the funds in my Savings, which I did not; so I ended up overdrafting my account twice because of it - which is, of course, my problem to deal with. However, PayPal attempted to recharge the transaction to the Japanese retailer not once, but twice, and the refund one time, without my approval, automatically a couple days later. This caused me an additional $60 in overdraft fees. When I contacted them to complain about this, they stated that it was my problem to make sure I have funds in my account, and they can't be held responsible for overdraft fees on my end when I overdraft over a transaction I make. When I responded reexplaining that THEY ARE responsible because I never authorized them to re-charge the transactions, I received no more responses, instead I received a survey asking about how I felt about my service, which I obviously rated incredibly low and would be in process of closing all of my PayPal accounts, establishing accounts elsewhere (Google CheckOut) and let everyone I know to stop using PayPal. After reading more horror stories on this site and others regarding PayPal, it's just fairly obvious that this company only cares about it's own security and now making it's customers they make money off of happy. I've sold tons of CDs and Shirts through my record label that has paid for at least 2 full paychecks of an employee, and this is how I get treated? It's ridiculous.


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