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Paypal Europe / how paypal ripped me off

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Beware of paypal and ebay
They are very dangerous they will ripp you off

Let me explain you my story. I started making some sales after a month around 10
One day paypal decided to suspend without prior information my paypal account

Asking me to give an authorisation for wihdrawing money from my bank
And invioce of my suppliers. I informed them that my paypal account was always credited in positive so I will not give any authorisation as there is no need to take money in my personnal account. I was informing them that I will never disclose my supplier invoice and address.

So they started keeping blocked my account and not replying to me. At present they owe me the last sale I have made plus a balance amount of 100, 99 € already awailabel in the account and that they have also blocked. Since thr 1st of october they owe me

Also ebay will take some commisions on sales your customers has never paid so that mean in reality not done. And when you send a dispute about it they will write to you to give the customers sales number. Since tht is done no news from their side.

Thos e 2 companies are in reality a big machine made to cheet in a high level.
Beware of them do not trust them by keeping some money on your paypal account
They will take it any time by finding any excuse.
It was the first time I was trying to sell thing through the internet but I was very chocked by their behavior.

Be carefull with them it is a very big fraud, they will leave you selling online for a while and after they see things are going smooth they will start finding any silly thing as excuse to rip you off. And nobody will write to you, except to send ready made email how to remove their restriction.

Do not do anything with them, they are very costly and to the end they will cheet you!!!

Paypal europe and ebay was making false excuse and further suspended my account to rape me off. Up to dte paypal si still holding 100, 99 € and 134, 02 €. Total 235, 01 €
I told them to close my account and refund me and they are not replying. It is why I was forced to explain my story in internet.

Do not deal with them

Dr pascal de souza

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  • Co
      4th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Pascal De Souza- you are the real scammer here. You stold from so many people and now you have the nerve to write a complaint? Hair We Go, Vision Hair, Bioplushair- all scammers. Jayabarathi, Rajesh, and Pascal De Souza are the same person. Do not due business with these company or names. Please google these company/names and you will find numerous complaints/reports. Do not send them any money

  • Pa
      4th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    You are a RAT from competition writing none existing and none sense
    Your postings are sad abd nobody trust you
    Keep doing your negative good job !!!

  • Pa
      4th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    No value postings, why are you anonymous ? You are afraid of what ?
    Are you a Fraud ?

  • Co
      5th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Not afraid of anything. I just find it funny how you con so many people. THen when something happens to you- you want to complain. When you do ugly things don't cry when it happens to you. You can't go through life decieving people and expect nothing to happen to you- life doesn't work that way. Do good and good things will happen to you. I'm actully glad to you getting a taste of your own medicine.

  • Pu
      5th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am Jilion from PURE INDIAN REMY WIG in USA we have 2 outlets one in Chicago and one in Florida and we work with jaya since more than 6 years. She is wonderfull. I was chocked to read that. They have always been nice to me. And that is the only company i found i can send money and always get hair for making our wigs.
    This Guy writing is an underground person do not trust all this mess. He has time to waste and may be no business. If he was having a real problem with them why he is not contacting to find an issue ?

    Have you noticed all those postings are written by the same person changing of pseudo, look carefully you will found the same mistakes on the text.
    Dear Jaya i suggest you to inform all otherdealers like me to write about you. That will revert the negative that person is doing.
    This guy seams not to understand that one company like me can have many website and many brands
    I am down to India i have appreciate Pascal & Valini hospitality.
    I am in short visit and when Jaya informed me about this internet attack I was jumping to help from my hotel room
    Shame on CONCERN CUSTOMER100 he/she is hiding behind this multiple pseudo because nothing is clear. Nothing good will come from that person. He is hiding because nobody know him.
    Keep giving us good service and very nice hair and dont worry about this underground cheeting Happy New 2011

  • Ro
      10th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have payment documents for over 2000 dollars
    Robert Ferreira

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