Payoneerthey never delivered my card!

It is more than 2 month which I am waiting for my card to be delivered, I wasted a month for the firs card and then they asked me to request for a second card as the first one never been delivered. again after more than a month, the second card not been delivered. now they ask me to deposit some money to my account to make them able to issue a second card and I have to wait another month for it. How on the earth is it possible to ask some one to put money on an account which he/she has no card to withdraw the money? and they ask to pay for DHL fees for faster delivery. IT is their mistake, they could not do a simple delivery! How they can help you with banking? I'll look for an alternative way of getting paid and will close my account with Payoneer as they are a mess!!!

Jan 26, 2015

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