Payoneerpayoneer staff fraudulent activity

I use my payoneer card to pay for my broadband. They preauth so sometimes when my card is zero it goes into negative balance. Payoneer are very quick to send me an email informing me of this and asking me to topup, which I do. The balance is adjusted accordingly when I load the card. Has been happening for many months. I received an invoice from said provider showing chargebacks for most pf these payments. Spoke to support and was advised this was in error and will be rectified with the "chargeback team" Has been days and have not got a reply. Please see invoice from broadband people. Have been paying them with the card and that invoice should be nill but has a balance because of the chargebacks listed.

So basically payoneer have stole money from me. My card balance is positive yet they issued chargeback for some of my payments WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

I wonder how many other payments are not being honored with them. I would not advise anyone to use them as they dont honor payments. Legal action has been taken against me for requesting chargebacks which I did not make! Dont use payoneer they will pull back the money you used to pay your accounts and leave you stranded. These "CHARGEBACKS WERE NOT CREDITED TO MY ACCOUNT" so was STOLEN. #[protected]

Dec 21, 2014

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