Payoneer / holding money hostage


well to start with their resset password options suck. they ask you to provide your last digits of card was lost. so i call for a new one lol but they cant send me a linl to reset password i had an ammount sent to them by mistake and now is holded hostage ...not evven in my account but just floating around. the representative said he can see i asked him hocime i cant and what prove do i have in 2 weeks? like that is so wrong ..then i get asked my personal security question in case one of these issues happens..and what for?? nothing as they still dont help you whats the super security questions for then??? an now i have to wait to activate the card to even verify my ammount is there???? merry xmas and happy new years right..what a terrible experience..i cant even send the money over to my friends theyre keeping it hostage ...should be at least visible to our eyes...i mean its my account after all no?? not his the money was sent to..not the reps account. have you ever seen a bank that works like this before?? when the money is there ITS THERE even if u cant touch it.. WHY IS IT INVISIBLE TO MY EYES in payoneer??!! that is so wrong!!! am speechless ...really bad experience and really dislike payoneer at this point never using it again after i fix this issue aver would i recomend this to anyone. might ### well go with amazon...paypal...stick with your bank card...or credit card yaycks

Dec 22, 2014

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