Payless Car RentalAngry employee threatening us

i was threatened by a male employee was told to check myself in a threatening tone my friend had to go grab a business card to complain because i was scared then the male employee yanked the business cards from the table and kept yelling for my friend to leave until he called security we were unable to get a business card then the own manager of the hotel lobby came and he gave us one. my friend was filming him yell and yank the business cards so that we wouldnt complain about the fact that he told me to "better check myself" because we were nicely pleading if it were possible to pay 350 cash onstead of woth credit and after making us wait a bit the employee only came back with sayong go to this other place that charges 200. the slight exhaustion in my voice caused him to threaten me and get close to my female friend who filmed him and repeated push me so that he would remember to not do anything stupid. Please respond asap as i am waiting to file a police report if nothing happens. This hapoened around 9:30 pm at the Toronto Hotel crown plaza at the payless car rental little shop on the cornwr of the lobby (by the lester b. pearson airport)

Payless Car Rental

Jan 23, 2017

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