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Whatever you do DON'T buy anything from this site as it doesn't deliver, the site is a scam!! I placed my order which cost me $132.20 on the 17/06/10 & paid priority mail UPS.UPS has no receipt of my order! DON"T buy anything from these clowns.

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  • Po
      Nov 10, 2010

    Oh no! Now you can't cheat and lie your way out of a drug test! How terrible!

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  • An
      May 03, 2012

    This Website is a scam. They say 100% satisfaction guaranteeing you will pass your test. Its been TWO WEEKS since I ended there cleanse program While still on there ridiculous diet, and i still test positive on the Test Strips that I bought from them. The guy who answers the phone is a ### to say the least. After A while on the phone He told me basically That I have to FAIL a real laboratory test before i get my money back. SO BASICALLY WHEN I FAIL AND GET IN TROUBLE??? Again the program said IT WILL TAKE 1-3 Days After your last day on the cleanse to test negative if you continue the diet they give you. So now Im pretty much screwed out of $130 bucks. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE.

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  • Tb
      Sep 27, 2012

    The website does not show any pictures or have a good description of the product you are about to order. Then when the wrong product comes in there is a "No Refund" policy or no exchange policy. And the customer service goes on to say I was stupid and absurd. I asked to speak to the supervisor and he informed me that he was the owner and there was nothing else can be done. I will never buy from this site again. I will advise people to do the same. One last thing. Nowhere on the website does it say that there is no returns or exchanges. If that is a company's policy then it should be stated on the website plan enough for the anyone to see.

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  • Fa
      Dec 18, 2013

    Definitely not guaranteed to work. I did purchase the Never Fail, 100% Success Rate from and it did not work as expected. I did fail a real labratory test after following the instructions and helpful hints to the tee. I have quit now for 7 days, but I did have to learn the hard way. Instructions said no toxins for 48 hours and I stayed away from toxins for more than 72 hours. Not 100% success rate like they claim because I failed. I hope to recieve my lab results formally soon since I just found out I failed about 3 hours ago. That way I can really try to get a refund. I will send everything they ask for in the hopes that they will honor their word of giving a refund if you do not get the desired results. Be careful and order at your own risk. I am 5'6" and weigh 184. Description states for heavy users with higher fat and toxin levels.

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  • Uc
      Feb 14, 2016

    Pass your drug test website and products do notwork - Ordered the extra strength permanent program which was $100+
    I smoked pot at least everyday for 2 years stopped for 3 days before starting the kit It doesn't work followed the instructions on the paper that they give you step by step. Literally only ate saled with balsamic dressing which they recommended for 6 days straight i mean i followed it to the T not an easy task for the permanent nutracleanse i call the company and then they point you to the Terms & policy that states plenty of reasons why you will not get your money back kept giving me the run around I sent them documents and everything scam for sure all these other people talking about they work they work it's probably the actually company saying that they work do not waste ur money

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  • Br
      Oct 13, 2018

    At the beginning of your FAQ' ask to "please check your spelling before submitting your question"... Check your spelling? What are you implying? Are you speaking to those poor people out there who don't have spell-check on their computer or people who just don't HAVE a computer or just aren't smart enough to have learned how to spell, much less purchase a computer? What happens if something is misspelled? What happens to them?
    My MAIN question is: What IS your "guarantee"? If you are on probation & come up positive for substance abuse after using your product that had guanteed them what they thought of as "absolution"...What? Do YOU do the jail time? Or do you send them a form letter stating "at no time did we guarantee this product for people on probation who KNEW they might be drug tested" or some such notice? Really...I am dying to know the answer to THIS ONE!
    AND...HOW can someone be reimbursed while incarcerated? How do they reach you if need be, so you can do their jail time? How do they reach you AT ALL? If, for instance, they have no one to call when they are incarcerated, ( I saw no such phone number for this reason) but they just KNEW they had a friend out there because you told them you would "be there" to help them out because your product had a "guarantee"? They think YOU are their only hope & they just KNEW you "had their back"? What do you tell them then?
    You need to be a bit more clear on the things you say you will "guarantee"!
    A concerned citizen who has "been there".
    Winchester, Virginia

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  • Jr
      Dec 21, 2018

    Total [censored]...I used their 5 Extreme Detox, following their directions to the letter. On Day 6, I used the 'bonus' Clean Capsules and tested myself about 2 hours later...POSITIVE for THC! I reached out to customer service and they assured me that the system was working, encouraged me to purchase an additional 'clean shot' for my actual test day...I did. I continued to drink a ton of water, and diet as instructed for an additional 7 days. I have not consumed THC products since Dec 4th (16 days) and I took the 'clean shot' on my test day. I tested myself 2 hours later, prior to my official test...again POSITIVE! They say THC is typically out of your system in 21 days...Why spend money on this [censored] if it does not accelerate the process.

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