Parks Furniture / Dishonest, no customer service

Hamilton, ON, Canada
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I purchased 15k plus of furniture and appliances from Park's in June 2015. My washing machine was making some noise and I called Frigidaire for warranty repair to find out my appliances were manufactured in 2009 and out of warranty. I purchased a washer, dryer, stove and dishwasher. When I purchased these items I was told they were Brand New last years models that they were no longer carrying. I was sold the items for what they said was COST less 15%. I was NEVER told they were that old and out of warranty ! When I contacted Park's I was advised they would not do anything about it. They told me I got a deal on the appliances... After much research I learnt that what COST was at there time of purchase I could have purchased a BRaND NEW current model for... WHO would ever have purchased these appliances knowing the facts.. NO ONE! The owner Patrick Gabriel never bother to call me only corresponding by email. I was reasonable and asked them to offer me a refund in a store credit for what would have been an acceptable sale price for these units or pick them up and refund my money. They had a service man call me to arrange repair of the washer which I refused because I did not want a 6 year old washer with no warranty. Please see screenshots of the Owners responses to my emails... "This is my final decision", and "don't contact us anymore"! Please feel free to contact him if you have had issues with Park"s.. His email address is [protected] I encourage everyone to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau and share my story and your on social media

Dec 29, 2015

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