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Park Resorts Ltd operate caravan park across the UK and have sold many caravans which attract high yearly fees which increase alot after the second year which is often when the free of charge period ends and it becomes clear that the high promised rental income has not transpired but any income is held onto by Park Resorts to pay for increasing level of fees and unexpected add ons from cleaning the caravan, clearing leaves, expensive insurance etc get everything in writing from the salesman do not rely upon verbal sales patter and get a solicitor to check contract as he/she will make it clear about the small print especially when you want to end the contract or sell your caravan this can be difficult so do some more research on the net about Park Resorts Complaints to get an overall picture of the reputation the company has and how it treats its contracted in - customers who just wanted a dream holiday home by the sea at a reasonable cost not something with lack of maintenance and increasing high yearly fees - register with office of fair trading if you need to take things forward and join a growing list of complaining customers that require looking after.
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N  28th of Feb, 2012 by    +3 Votes
Bideford Bay Holiday Park, North Devon, owned by Park Resorts,
If you are looking to purchase a caravan from Park Resorts, there are a few facts you should be aware of before you buy,
1.The annual cost, including ground rent, rates, insurance, gas electric works out to around £5, 200 a year, or £100 per week.
2. Devaluation, if you ask the sales person about this one, they tend to be very vague with the answer, FACT Brand new 2011 caravan purchased in Sept 2010 for £24, 000 valued by Park Resorts in Sept 2011 at £10, 000.
3. If you pay your bills by Direct Debit, Park Resorts charge you 6% for the priviledge, 6% on £5, 200 means another £312 a year to pay.
4. When you come to sell your caravan, you have 3 options 1. Sell to Park Resorts, they will give you the book price (example above) 2. Sell privately, but this has to be done through Park Resorts, they will vet the buyer, the money will be paid to them, then they will cahrge you 15% of the sale price, plus VAT. 3. Move your caravan to another site, Park Resorts will charge you a disconnection fee.
5. Be prepared to be ripped off if you allow Park Resorts to do repairs on your behalf, ie. to replace a plastic pipe connection,
( the connector cost £2.35) the Park Resorts bill was £115.00, not bad for 5 minutes work.
6. My advice to anyone thinking of purchasing a caravan, would be to take the paperwork to a Solicitor, so he can go through the fine print with you, and there is a lot.
7 If you choose to go ahead and purchase a caravan, then find out it has been MIS SOLD to you, it is no good complaining to Park Resorts, as they will simply wash their hands of it. (I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE)
N  24th of Apr, 2012 by    +3 Votes
Agree with all complaints as I have many of my own, as an owner at Park Resorts Romney Sands. Park Resorts have refused to supply certified accounts to show where their ever increasing services charges are going. In fact, I am told it has been admitted that they cannot get an accountant to certify them at local site level, instead "sneaking" them into a lump with other accounts and then auditing/certifying those. Which means their audited accounts contain unaudited figures running into the millions? Looks like UK Uncut will be taking a look at them very soon, especially as it looks like their corporate structure has resemblances to the MG Rover/Phoenix scandle a few years ago, with possibly an offshore tax avoidance twist. Park Resorts employ Deloittes to audit their accounts, as did MG Rover. Coincidence????
A  1st of Sep, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Beware anyone buying a caravan from Shark Resorts. You are lied to from day 1. you are promised the earth but receive nothing. The company will only offer book price for the caravan if you want to sell it back to them but more often say they don't want it. If you sell it privately they charge you 15% plus VAT and charge the new owner an exorbitant fee for site rent. But offer a reduced site rent if they purchase direct from them. So any buyer you do find they put them off buying from you then sell to them direct pinching your buyer from you. The caravan we bought cost us £12k but was offered £1300 for Shark Resorts to buy it back. But offered £9k if we upgraded through them. In the end we sold it back to them for £2500 which was a relief to get rid of it. We reported this to Trading Standards who were not really interested. We lost a lot of money on this deal but it did not put us off finding a holiday home by the sea. We found a none commercial site where it was owners only and the emphasis was on retention of the owner not sales of caravans.
A  19th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I can't believe what they are doing. On a recent holiday with my mother to mid wales she went through with purchasing a caravan at Brynowen. We were told on numerous occasions that the 8000+ grand covered the site fees for this year as well as the price of the caravan etc. So we left feeling good, having been charmed by the salesmen and satisfied with the caravan. When we got into the caravan a second time it was clear they needed to do some minor work which they did free of charge for us, which was appreciated as I thought the type of company they were they would be rather stingy about. They replaced a shower for us and changed some locks on the bathroom door as there were none- only empty spaces where screws have been. 3 months later however we have recieved a bill for the pitch fees which apparently have not been paid. My mother has phoned and they told her that is not in writing anywhere and they will call back tomorrow (apparently). I am going to speak to head office about it soon because we have been grossly misled if this is the case, and I was there with her every time they told her information and being the type of daughter I am, I absorb every bit of it and can vouch for everything. All the windows were also faulty and when we asked them if they could repair them they told us ''sold as seen'' end of, and some ### excuse like they just need oiling. Having window fitters in the family however we knew this was not the case and could fix it ourselves, but it was not appreciated being lied to.
A  3rd of Dec, 2012 by    +1 Votes
As an owner of a Holiday home with Park Resorts for the last 3 and a half years of so I cannot say I am at all surprised by the comments and feedback as listed above. From my own experience I feel I have been completely mis-sold - allow me to elaborate and see if this strikes some similarity with other owners: Firstly, I bought a Caravan (Holiday home) that was 6.5 years old at the time of purchase and without boring you with too much detail on the delays incurred through Park Resorts not getting their ### in gear I eventually went to inspect my new purchase on site some months later and guess what - there was a lovely dent in the front of the bay window which no one one had had the courtesy to inform me about before I arrived (why would they) - it transpired that the Park Resorts operatives had reversed their tractor into the front of my caravan when the muppets were moving it onto the pitch. However, I was reassured by the General Manager (at the time - there have been a few since) that repairs would be undertaken tout-suite and low and behold only 9 months later the damaged panel was repaired (with a panel that didn't match). Of course in retrospect, I should have taken this an an omen as to what to expect...but regrettably I didn't (more fool me).

Anyway, at the time of purchase my caravan was under 7 years old and so qualified as 'Gold' standard (at that time the highest standard for rental purposes) and was reassured by both the General Manager and the Sales Manager that it would never (I repeat NEVER) go below Silver standard (the next step down from Gold). On this assurance, I decided that it was a good investment and that based on the expected/projected revenue from renting out through PR that it would meet the annual costs (ground rent etc.) and still enable myself and my family to enjoy a few weeks of the year for vacation purposes. Well guess what, the following year, it was indeed downgraded to Silver (Extra Wide) as expected, and still the cost - benefit was positive, but you can imagine my surprise when I found out that the following year it had been down-graded to Bronze (meaning less rental income and all sorts of other problems which i won't bore you with). When I challenged PR about this I was informed that this decision was based on Head Office deciding certain types of caravan should be down-graded without any discussion with the owners and solely based on their own reasons (i.e. constant pressure to upgrade to a newer and more expensive caravan).

I had no intention to spend more money on a newer van so I resisted this and decided my only alternative was to see how this down-grading effected my rental income over the following season, which of course it did. Rather than covering all my costs, I was left owing PR money.
I have just finished my second season on Bronze status and guess what, not content with what they have done to me (and others) I have been informed by PR Head Office that they have now decided that all caravans over 7 years old (irrespective of their condition) will no longer be eligible for the Owner's rental scheme, i.e. I am now left with a caravan that I cannot rent out through PR (one of the primary reasons I decided to buy the thing in the first place).

In summary - this company is a bunch of charlatans - their promises and reassurances are worthless as they can change the rules and charges at any time and leave you (the Owner) completely high and dry.

If you want a holiday home by the sea, get a mortgage and be your own boss and stay clear of these numpties.

Needless to say I will not be taking this laying down, but do yourself a favour and do something more financially secure like a nice time share in Spain...or perhaps invest in a Greek property portfolio...
A  18th of Feb, 2013 by    +2 Votes
cresswell towers sales manager has no interest in helping private caravaners just selling there own there is 7 caravans alone and more on woodlands he has a different rule for different people and like myself if he takes a grudge against you he does not help you people work very hard to have a van whether old or new he can be very rude and nasty its bad buisiness sence and why lose all that custom 7 plus vans alone in one part two of these caravans alone have people with serious health problems something should be done about gavin and a solution sorted fast
N  17th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
@very let down well they got rid when it suited them .disguisting what we have tolerated .because we were told to shut up or leave. my complaint now is my i bought my caravan in 2015 from cresswell towers (park resorts) snice then i have complained about my van being uneven only to be ignored since then my freind looked underneath to find chassis is bent and twisted.on pointing this out and demanding a independent report witch the report says the van was like this before i bought it.should this caravan been sold in this conditionas they are only offering to fix it .witch i dont agree with., can anyone give me any advice
A  8th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have had my caravan for 2 years now and I'm completely disgusted.The letting scheme has fallen well short of my expectations about £2500! On asking for a breakdown twice I've found out that I've been charged a high commission fee and £10 for linen for each group that has used the caravan. I did not realise the I would be charged by Park Resorts for their customers electricity, water, and gas; or that I would be paying for all their customers breakages/damage. i had to pay for an electrical PAT safety test on every appliance, I can PAT test myself but that option was refused; but after paying, the test date listed on all the appliances is still 2 years ago. I'm visiting Park Resorts tomorrow at Lower Hyde IOW to see about selling the caravan, we'll see what happens.
N  29th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have had a similar problem. They really are such a bad company.
Thinking about going to watchdog or cowboy traders. If everyone on here complains to they will prob make the show and at least their pr will be a bit more affected.

We brought our van in march 2013, for 9k it's over 10 years old. As we were making the purchase they kept upping the price until it was near £11k I told them I want interested so the dropped it down which I thought was fair. But there was loads of problems with the van that they didn't tell me. These problems haven't all be fixed yet. And most of them only in the past two weeks.
We need to sell the van as one the park is unsafe and unsanitary but also due to family illness. I was told by the sales team that's van is worth nothing and that they won't give me anything for it. Then They made up a figure from the glassbook but told me they aren't buying back ATM. but when I investigated as the van is over 10 years old it doesn't have a price. So it literally is worth nothing. They also told me they would drop the 15% commission and honor my contract to pass to the new owner. But now trying to actually get this from them in impossible as the gm is saying he never said that.
So I am having to sell the van privately. Which I have a seller for now. But I know what will happen next. The gm told me that this years site fees are already paid. But I bet he says they have to pay them again: if so I will go mad! They make it impossible to get of the park. It's like entrapment.
Ill message on here again in a few hours to let to know the outcome.
Hopefully as the gm has been freely discussing my account with other owners in the bar and has insisted of wanting to get us of the park ASAP He will actually help us out a bit.
And not continuesly lie which seems to be the problem.

But come on people if we make a stand and all complain to the papers etc someone will take interest and will tell the dark story of shark resorts to the world and hopefully put them
Oh of business! The economy is still very bad! Yet they just sell and sell caravans to unexpected families who are going to be ripped off.
There head office won't help. They told me the gm has to deal with the problems
Even of the complaint is about them!
The NCC may be away to get the point across but imagine the headlines of the papers. That will make much more of an impact on the general sales, I would love to see them
Go out of business (on re caravan sales side)
N  24th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
O m g .i was just about to buy one of park resorts caravans, I am glad that I found this info. I wish I know what happened to all the above people, how can they get away with all this.it just burst my bubble it sound mor like ownership nightmare . It would make me I'll .will not be going there no way no way.how can they do this to decent people .
N  17th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I agree with a lot of the complaints above and have plenty more of my own. I originally bought (first mistake) a 2012 Delta Florida in August last year..I was told a lot of lies from the saleslady and I thought it sounded like a good deal at the time, there were some special offers going at the time, low site fees for 5 years, no site fees until 2015, and an Ipad!. Anyway it had a galley kitchen and it was difficult to get by when someone was in the kitchen, so when a different salesman came round on my next visit offering me to see some larger ones - he said it would get much more rent than the silver one I had bought. He showed me a Pemberton Elite van (2009) which had been a rental and it was in a dirty state. I told him I wouldn't entertain buying it in that state and he assured me it would be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.. There was an awful looking stain on the carpet in the space between the kitchen and the dining room table and I said doubt whether you will be able to get it out but insisted they would. I agreed to buy it (second mistake) and have nothing but trouble ever since. Neither of the two sales people kept their promises. By the time you realize you have been had the person has left. It is difficult to prove what they have told you. I am going to the camp site next Tuesday to try and settle a few of the problems. They promise you everything but once they have your money, they do nothing but give you lip service. I wish I could have money back and forget the whole mess! Let us all join together and compare notes and try to something done about these thieves and liars!.
A  28th of Oct, 2013 by    +1 Votes
All Park Resort owners who have had problems should all get together and let's come up with a plan to sort these matters out because I don't think individually we will be able to do it. We need to put some pressure on them. How about it guys
N  6th of Nov, 2013 by    +2 Votes
I absolutely agree with meeting up and taking this further . I am having an absolute nightmare with them. I paid a very high amount for a 2011 delta Florida . Have fees I were told were included have just had another bill for 2014 . I have spoke with people at the resort about the option to sell but as previously said on here they are offering a ridiculous amount of money. Not sure what to do next . Really wished I had some more research into how awful this company is
A  6th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have just sent a message to bbc1 watchdog rogue traders . Maybe if all of you that have commented on here spend 5 minutes doing the same we may get some attention
N  6th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Yes I agree with going to any kind of media to get this sorted, But can anyone come up with an idea on how we are going to contact each other without putting our personal information on this forum so that any one can get hold of it..
N  6th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
maybe we can setup a private group on google groups or somewhere. It seems like they relay on customers not talking to each other. We have an association in our park it turns out that the same treatment is given to most customers. It seems that our park is the only one with freehold plot owners (let me know it this is wrong). 63 of us were taken to court and defenses have been just submitted.
I don't know if the same pattern repeated in different parks could be good for our case and also set a precedent for future cases in different parks.
Please send a private message with ideas. In the meanwhile I already sent the story to watchdog.
N  6th of Nov, 2013 by    +2 Votes
If you are on Facebook couldn't we send each other private messages, but of course we would have to divulge our names. I could tell you some stories that would make your hair curl and I am sure are illegal, but PR does look at this forum, I guess to see what we are up to!!. Most of the owners I have spoken to our our resort are very unhappy with their treatment by PR personnel. I don't go there very often myself so it would be difficult for me to to form a group but I am in contact with one lady.. Where do you live, if you don't mind me asking, if it is not too far away perhaps we could meet up.
A  7th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
We soo all need to get together and complain to Watchdog! I love love love my holiday home but the treatment from the so called 'Owners Elite' management, sales teams (plural) in the last year since we bought, the LIES, the DECEIT!!! Oh My Gosh!!! The mind boggles with the amount of people 'Shark Resorts' have shafted!!!
A  8th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
Yes I agree we need to complain to watchdog or any other media. I am going to give them one last chance to sort this mess out, , and believe it is quite a mess of lies and deceit. before I take this further. I just don't know how they have gotten away with it for so long. Something definitely needs to be done before I go broke!!
A  8th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
Talking about that the 'owners elite' management team, what a complete and utter joke. They obviously don't know the meaning of the word 'elite', It means the best part of society, not the worst you numpties!! The only thing they are good at is lying and cheating people out of their hard earned money. They obviously go on a special course.on how to separate the prospective buyers from their money. I am ABSOLUTELY APPALLED by their behaviour. I hope we can in some way get this message across to other prospective buyers, so they don't get ripped off like us. How's about making up some billboards and marching up and down the road outside the resort with them so as people coming into the park will see them. If they are prospective buyers they might think twice. If they are owners, they might come and join us or sign a petition of something. I think it is legal as long as you keep it off their property.
N  8th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
Janes area, you had a lucky escape. I wish someone had warned me off of Park Resorts, before I made the stupid decision to buy from them. Think yourself extremely lucky indeed!!.

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