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Panda Express / rude co-workers / manager

1 Kearns, UT, United States Review updated:

My name is Michael, I'm 20 and I've been "Working" (And I use that term very Loosely) At panda for about 2 months. The reason I say Loosely is because I got a bad customer review My second week in. And Whilest I understand that I should be repremanded..the way my boss has gone about it is Un-just and Rude.

On the 17th of october I got a customer review that said that I wasn't greeting customers properly (which is correct) Instead of saying "Hi, welcome to panda express, care to try a sample of our Kobari Beef?" I said "Hi, what can I get for you tonight?". We were slammed and I wasn't trained how to handle a rush. So I was being polite as possible and move the customers along without any problems. The customer later complained that the bathrooms were dirty and they didn't get a Fork, Napkin and Fortune Cookie. Which isn't my fault because I wasn't working the register and Nobody could leave behind the counter to clean the bathrooms. So, I was suspended for a week, starting nov 1st. It's been an entire month and i've had no schedule and haven't been contacted by my manager (Carrol) on whether or not i've been fired.

I had to call her and try to figure out what's going on, only to have her tell me that she'd talk to me the next day with details. Also, I was informed by her that I'm still listed as an active employee in her store even though I've not worked in almost a month and a week (5 weeks) It's been 2-3 days since then and I've still had no word. I've got bills to pay and i'm trying to get signed up for college. If i'm EMPLOYED as a panda express employee and listed as ACTIVE I expect to be working. I can't afford to NOT work. This is unfair and not right. I demand that she be repremanded and I get compensated. I owe my bank money and am supposed to be making payments. I was counting on this job to help SUPPORT me by paying me for working. Please help.

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      5th of Dec, 2010
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    Welcome to Customer Service. Sometimes the public can act like jerks and complain about things that really don't count. DO NOT INTERNALIZE IT! That fact that your "manager" has suspended you as punishment is bizarre in my opinion. Had you committed a crime you'd at least be given the specifics and a chance to defend yourself. You may even may be able to file a complaint with Panda Corporate against that location and that manager. You need to move on to another job and remember this experience so that when you become a manager you're not repeating her bad example. PS: get a friend to call the old manager at Panda as if they were vetting you for a new job. You may want an attorney to handle the fallout. You'll probably gain some useful insight regardless of how they answer questions about you. Good luck...but move forward.

  • Th
      16th of Jan, 2011
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    Your complaint (which certainly has the ring of truth!) seems all too typical. Panda Express management purports to be caring and progressive. The reality, however, is that the employees are constantly mistreated. And the store managers are too cowed to do anything about it. A good place to keep away from.

  • Pr
      30th of Apr, 2011
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    I strongly agree with you ! I'm 18 and have been working for Panda Express for about a month and a half and my manager treats me the SAME WAY ! She gets mad when I make a little mistake, she BARELY puts me on the schedule (I only work one day this week), and when I leave a note describing my desired schedule for the next week, like everyone else does, she tells me that it's the wrong thing to do, but she doesn't tell anyone else that. I'm going to quit soon, since I work at UPS now, but I wouldn't advise you to quit until you've secured another job.

  • Me
      15th of Sep, 2011
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  • Px
      3rd of Feb, 2012
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    This is typical of PX's policies. They are constantly critical and have no concept of "team building". I am a current employee, and have been for almost 6 months. I have been injured on the job with no follow-up care, and required to repeat the actions that injured me in the first place on a daily basis. I never call in, never stay on break longer than specified, and bust my hiney the whole time i am there. They accept dishonest customer complaints without question, and dismiss compliments out of hand. I was actually told by my manager that i would be written up if i cleaned the lobby one more time! Meantime, old food and unhealthy messes remain on the tables and floor, while customers have no clean place to sit and eat. It is unbelievable to me that any company is allowed to operate like they do, but there seems to be no recourse unless an attorney is hired. Who would work there if they could afford an attorney anyway?

  • Ta
      24th of Jan, 2013
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    I agreed that Panda Express is very informal about handling their employees. I was just a new trainee and on my 4th day I was serving customers and instead of just one scoop (which is panda policy for serving food) I scooped a little more because one scoop for orange chicken is just like 5 pueces. i mean come on if Panda really wants to make their customers happy I don't think 5 pieces of orange chicken will do its job. But as I scooped the second time for a little more my manager purposely kicked my shoes (her telling me that I'm giving out too much food) and after I served all the customers in line she said this to me: "I'm sorry, but I really hate you because you give too much food to customers, I really hate you for that and you need to stop." I was so shocked and of course it totally blew my mind that she said that to me. Especially because when I watch her served she does the same thing and she even trained me that I need to put in a little more if it looks too small. It was only my 4th day working, she knows I am new and still learning but after she used the word "hate" I feel like she has no respect towards me. Because "hate" is a really strong word and as a manager I feel like instead of beong rude she should just tell show me once more to scoop correctly because I am a trainee. I used to thought that working fir panda will be a great experience because I used to be a ustomer all the time but now that I'm wirking here everthing seems so unorganized and their expectations are so high that even the manager cannot follow the idea of treating your employees kindly. I like working here because it's busy and times fly but if the manager is really finally gonna revealed her ugly side I will quit soon when I find a better job, because of course I wouldn't want her to kick my shoes or me next time I served customers a few more piece to make them happy to cone back regularly.
    By the way, my manager is Chinese and it's very rude because she speaks Chinese to other ciworkers who are also Chinese and then I feel left out. I think she hired me because she thought I was Chinese. During my interview the first question she asked me was "Are you Chinese and do you speak Chinese?" I don't think she would of hired me if I didn't bring my resume and cover letter in my folder to impress her. She told me she mever saw something so profession because none of the workers she hired don't even give her one.
    Panda was once a company I used to look forward to growing with but with the experience behind it I wish I would never had accepted and fallen nto this trap.

  • Mm
      19th of May, 2017
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    @Tails119 wow, that manager sounds like a nut case.

  • Mm
      21st of May, 2017
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    @neatdude Neatdude - what a troll. How pathetic. Find some friends or psychiatric help.

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      23rd of May, 2017
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    @neatdude Freak. Hashtags? It's spelled "assuming, " no mixing capital letters midstream in a word. omg. sick.

  • Mm
      9th of Oct, 2018
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    Look, [censored]. . . .I'm not a child, in fact much older. Get a job and stop trolling the internet. Loser.

  • As
      8th of Jun, 2016
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    As of today 6/8/16 I called in at 12:36 AM to my manager, specifically the one responsible for scheduling complaining about chronically severe tooth pain. I didn't know many co-workers because I kept to myself and was hoping she'd suggest one for me to call to cover opening shift. I was unable to and she insisted I still come in to work. I even noted I'd bring in a doctor's note stating I cannot work with my level of pain. She said it was fine but still made an issue on the staffing shortage.

    I have been quiet with how they've been treating me at my location but now, in my distressed, agonized state-owned personally wouldn't care if I am written up and/or fired. This is my first, last minute call off. We just had a meeting about last minute call off on Monday with them taking disciplinary action against people who do it not just too often, but period. Which I was okay with because I thought they'd still let medical emergencies slide so long as you had a note.

    My performance has been notably affected by this pain and i work Front of house. Coworkers can clearly see it and I'm embarrassed to say it's because of my tooth pain and the fact I have to take 16 Motrin pills a day just to function. My co-workers also know that I have been trying to see someone about my teeth, but the pain is too strong for me to wait.

    They can't be mad if I have to undergo emergency surgery. But that's just today. In the past I've been micromanaged with the excuse that I am no longer the new person in the building and my mess ups like forgetting to label the tea bar orders before sending them, or not up selling our promotional item to each and every individual that walks through our door, or-my personal favorite - not handling a 60 people rush all by myself in an efficient manner. My boss told me i can't take up to 3 minutes to customers and was ordered to cut it down to a minute per order. Regardless of how much food is on their order.

    Now that's asking for the impossible. at my location we frequently get party orders of up to no less than five people and that takes a long time to get their order taken. Some customers take forever to order and view it as rude, despite holding up the line, to be asked repeatedly to tell you what they're going to order. Which is what my boss wants me to do. Push my customers around for information to keep the line moving. I was by myself on a fundraiser day and they still feel, despite being lined up out the door, and me the only one on the front line-that I was taking too long to serve those people out.

    I used to work in a McDonald's. At a truck stop. I KNOW when being asked to move faster at an already fast pace is an unrealistic expectation.

  • Mm
      9th of Oct, 2018
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    Yep, got a call from a so-called rep of "Panda Express" over a year ago. Still have not received the gift certificates as a result of the rude nasty employee that worked at the Centerville, Ohio store. This chain is full of rudeness. Only a matter of time before they hit the toilet as a business - going down.

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