[Resolved] outsurancecancellation of policy is an absolute nightmare

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On 7 Sept 09 I requested Outsurance to cancel my Policy. Kobus phoned, trying to convince me not to cancel. I asked him whether its possible to change my marriage status as I am now divorced. Want the Policy in my name. Guess what! He told me If I change my marriage status Outsurance will consider me a high risk customer and my premium will increase with R200! I was stunt! I phoned Kobus again the following day, requesting him to please ensure my Policy is cancelled. His response to me, now very dominating and demanding: I cannot believe, after I have told and shown you all the differences between us and them (the New Insurance Company), you still want to cancel! You will be making a very big mistake! I told him I have made up my mind. His response : I am an expert in my field and I will again explain to you the differences! I had to listen to him for 15 min bad mouthing the other company! Eventually I put the phone down on him. Policy now cancelled. I've complaint to Cherise his 'manager' about his attitude. Its Friday and still no response from her. How can Outsurance allow a Consultant to intimidate their customers like this!! It's just not on!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • It was most upsetting to read about your experience. I am an employee of OUTsurance, and naturally most disappointed about the service we provided you with! Would it be possible for you to please provide me with your policy details, or even to contact me?
    My e-mail address: [protected], and Tel: [protected].
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    KInd regards

  • Based on what you describe, I really don't blame you for being very annoyed! I would really appreciate if you could contact me on: [protected] or send me your contact details via e-mail to: [protected] I am an employee of OUTsurance, and would really want to resolve this ongoing matter for you. Regards, Dinky.

  • Thank you very much for supplying me with your contact detail. No claim had been registered as yet, which is most troubling. As discussed, I will forward you an e-mail with my contact detail and will be able to investigate this once you supply me with a reference number provided to you. Regards, Dinky.

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  • Ru
      Nov 29, 2010
    OUTsurance - I haven't even started and already I was having so many trouble with them
    United States

    At the end of Oct2009 I was contacted by Outsurance. I have accepted the new insurance quote with them. After waiting for the stuff in the mail I phoned them in min Nov2009 asking them to delay the start date from the beginning of Dec2009 to Jan2010.

    The first payment went of the 1st December 2009. So I phoned them and asked them what is going on and why they have deducted the money from my account. Was then told I need to go to the bank to stop it or get bank statement and sent it to them and they will pay me back. And again money was deducted from my account on the 28 December 2009.

    So I had to phone them again. And every time there systems was updated with the new details but every time they [censored]up and I had to do all the work of sending them the stuff and phoning them. And to date I am still waiting for some of the money. I have also told them that I am canceling the whole incurrence policy. I haven’t even started and already I was having so many trouble with them.

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  • An
      Mar 01, 2011

    i need to cancell my policy withyou.i made a cailm in dec..but no respons form outsurance

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  • Rw
      Mar 25, 2011
    OUTsurance - Continued delay to give service
    South Africa

    After a hasty feedback after posting here Outsurance has failed to provide promised assistance days ago, to repair a 'minor' damage as seemingly regarded by them. Yet it prevents use of my vehicle the only 'tool' which provides us a living. Nearing retirement we cannot afford a replacement which I believe Outsurance should have loaned us by the inconvenience caused by their poor service

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  • Li
      Mar 28, 2011

    Good day Mr Welman, I would still really like to assist you. I have requested twice before that you supply me with more detail in order to look into the matter for you. All I need is your claim nr, facility nr or even your id nr which would aid me in getting to the bottom of your complaint. Regards Lisa

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  •   Feb 13, 2012


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  • Ms
      Mar 30, 2015

    I have been sending several emails regarding cancelling a policy I've had with outsurance since 2012 as I am no longer running that partcuar business. I have not heard any word from anyone from outsurance and I am still being debited. Please can someone contact me: [protected] - my name is Megan Milner

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  • Ku
      Nov 06, 2015

    I recently encountered the same problem I called to cancel my insurance the guy that assisted me was so rude you could even hear it in his voice he kept asking me questions like how much are you going to pay the new insurance company, how much are you getting, how many people are you insuring as if he was going to assist me, the line was cut then a lady called trying to persuade me not to cancel and explained everything again told me that story of i am an expert in my field i told her no i dont want it anymore..later I got a call from the lab asking to come take my blood tests I was surprised because I called to cancel my insurance which meant that the insurance was not cancelled.

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  • Ce
      Jan 28, 2016

    Totally agree with the feedback! I had the exact same experience with outdistance. I am convinced I will never have anything to do with outdistance again for as long as I live!

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  • Ce
      Jan 28, 2016

    I mean outsurance**

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  • Ja
      Jan 19, 2017

    This morning I phoned the Centurion office to cancel my vehicle insurance, the consultant try too convince me and after 9 minutes and 36 seconds he realise that I still stick with my decision. 4 Minutes after our telephone conversation I received a email from Outsurance with links to their various insurance brochures and when I replied to the email I immediately receive the following email indicating that one cannot reply to their email:
    Dear Client,

    E-mails to this mailbox are not monitored.

    For assistance, please call us on:

    [protected] for all queries regarding your existing facility/claim

    [protected] for all new sales

    Alternatively click on the following link to request a call from us:

    This e-mail will be deleted. Please call us to be assisted.


    Outsurance website is definitely not user friendly and they do not cater for email communication facilities.
    Koos Erasmus

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  • Hi
      Jun 13, 2018

    Dear OutSurance Namibia,

    When I (as the client and owner of the policy), decide to cancel MY POLICY, i do not want to hear about how i am making a big mistake and how the other insurance company is bad etc. I do believe that i take proper care where it regards my pocket and how and where i invest and how it will affect me. So please stop harassing us with bad mouthing other companies, or trying to make us feel stupid and not well informed.
    It has been 3 days with hours on end about having to explain why i am cancelling.

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  • Ke
      Jun 13, 2018

    Good day,

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

    The last thing we want to do is cause you unnecessary frustration and to waste your time. Our intention is to ensure we are giving you correct advice by doing product comparisons. If this was not done and we bad mouthed other insurers as you have described, then we see this in a serious light as this is conduct we will not tolerate.

    Please can you email your policy number to [protected] We will listen to the call recording and then revert with comprehensive feedback.

    We do apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you,

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  • Ni
      Jul 10, 2018

    I need to cancel my policy, can someone phone me as to claim being rejected due to me not having regular checkups to whether my appliances is still in GOOD working order and it’s not too old.

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  • Fs
      Dec 04, 2018

    Good Morning

    Because I have had my policy almost 2 years my cash back is due January they now act as if I was just used. If my policy is cancelled without notification of debit orders they stopped claiming there was no funds available, I demand a refund

    I am extremely perturbed at the actions Outsurance takes to frustrate their clients.

    I have been paying my account diligently for years not. Subsequently you did not receive your payments since August, but nobody tried to contact me. In this time I understand that I had some missed calls due to me being hospitalised due to depression, but is seems like your company is trying to put me there once more.

    For years at a point I even paid over R2000pm I paid……………now that I need to go on holiday and it is a risk and need insurance, u tell me my policy is cancelled and u are not refunding me!!!

    What company will take the risk off covering my home in advance?????????????

    I need my policy re-instated please???

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