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faliure to replace cellphone at insured price

On reporting that my cellphone has been damaged due to unforseen circumstances i was given the news that my blackberry that i have insured for R3400 does not mean that i can replace it with a phone of that same value and that i have to claim for only R1800 which is absolutely apauling and this was said to me by a superviser by the name of Mr. Trevon naaidoo.

can someone please tell m, e why this is so and why i was asked for how much i want to insure the phone for and therefore pay more excess as well.

Brendon Alexander

hockingly bad service

This is the mail I sent them.. Absolutely no responce..not surprised though

To add: On Tuesday 21 June 2011 when I should have already received my vehicle I phoned and asked for all the parts replaced + invoices and a list of all parts claimed, then suddenly THEY phoned ME with an excuse telling me that I will only get my car on Friday.. Sounds to me like they had to quickly replace the parts they claimed but didn't replace either stripped it off another vehicle or bend it straight. CLASSIC INSURANCE FRAUD!! but thats my feeling, view and opinion..


Informing you that I have not received my Isuzu yet. It's been 3 weeks and 3

After some postponement from Pro Beat already, I would have received it last
Wednesday, it then changed to Friday. I wasn't contacted so I phoned again
on Monday. It then changed to Tuesday which turned in to Wednesday. I phoned
this morning it has now changed to this coming Friday so I'm not holding my
breath for Friday.

Pro beat never phone you back even if they say they will and even if they
give you a time or say before end of bussiness for that day and if you speak
to them you never get a clear answer.

I think George phoned me this afternoon, postponing it to Friday, he will
phone me back "TODAY" for a courtesy car. So lets see.

I have requested a courtesy car numerous times, no feedback, they will phone
me back when they get a car (see above, guess what, they don't phone back, I
asked again today, 2 weeks later)

When this claim started I specifically requested for a Panelbeater who can
give me a courtesy car which you yourself told me I had a choice in, next
thing when I got to the yard to get my etag out of the bakkie they told me
no the vehicle is already at their shop. So you chose them for me.

On Friday it would have been 4 weeks at the panel-beaters plus a week for
Outsurance to approve the claim.


You would understand that I'm nowhere near happy with Outsurance or their so
called "approved" suppliers. Of course bad service form a supplier would
reflect on you as you choose them.

I will be sending emails and posting a complaint on the internet for both
you and Pro - Beat alerting and cautioning other members of the public not
to do business with you.

So take note of this and speak to whomever you need to and let me know
exactly what is going on *and when I will be able to stop begging for lifts
to get to work and back and see if you can get me happy again.*

I also requested for every part that was replaced so I can see whether I was
taken for a ride, which it feels like at this stage. Also a list of all the
parts claimed and replaced and invoices to see when the parts was ordered.

Will you pay for a 3rd party to inspect the vehicle and make sure the parts
that was claimed was actually replaced and the work was done properly?
Otherwise I might have it done myself which will make this situation worse
if irregularities is found.

And I will pay the excess when I have established this and happy with the
work done.

Riaan Kruger

accident claim

Claim number : [protected], mr luyanda moleshe
On the 19th march I was involved in an accident, I reported it to outsurance on the 22nd march. I was then referred to take the car for repairs to uiternhage by mr theo mokhine.
The distance between bisho where we are staying and uiternhages *- 3 hours drive. We then inform prastige garage that the garage is too far from bisho then it is not possible for us to bring the vehicle there. They promise to inform outsurance regarding that. Mr theo mokhine promise to look for another close garage between kwt and east london. But instead on 2011-04-05 we receive a call from the same prastige garage informing us they are waiting for the car. We have made many attempts to contact outsurance here are the references for our contact with outsurance as clients : [protected], [protected] and [protected] but no positive assistance. We are still wondering as to why we are trited in this manner, because we have people on the same insurance who their cars were referred to kwt & east london for repairs hence we are wondering why are we being referred to a very far town than others. We believe that we are not being trited fairly hence this report for request for assistance. We are still paying the insurance we are up-todate on our payments to the insurance and we are still paying even after the accident has been reported but no help on their side. The estimates of the damages I was referred to east london of which I took the car there. Our request is very simple is for outsurance to treat us like clients, referred the car to the nearest town kwt or east london. I thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. L. Moleshe

  • Li
    LisaSch Apr 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day Mr Moleshe, Please accept my sincerest apologies for the way in which this claim has been handled. You have every right to feel that we have neglected to provide you with proper feedback.

    We have since been in touch with your wife to discuss the reasons why that panel beater has been appointed. The Panel beater needs to be Honda approved as the vehicle is still under warranty. We have since offered to tow the vehicle to the panel beater and then back to you once repairs are complete. I am positive you are satisfied with the feedback and the arrangements that have been made.

    Please dont hesitate to contact me directly for any further assistance.
    Lisa Schultz (012) 6733202

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extremely unhappy

I recently claimed for the loss of a ring CLAIM:[protected], was initially given an approved claim for half the value of my ring! After much arguing with the Manager @ Outsurance they revised the claim to the full amount! Further ot this I was advised that I had 2 choose one of their service providers i.e. Hyper Jewellers, a budget jeweller and Arthur Kaplan, a very expensive, overpriced jeweller! I requested to be paid out as I was unable to find a replacement equivalent to my loss. I was informed that Outsurance reserved the right to choose how to settle a claim and I had no option but to use one of their service providers as they do not settle in cash! This has left me disadvantaged as a consumer as I am unable to shop around for an item with equivalent gold and spec of diamonds that I had. I would have to settle for a lower grade of diamonds just so that Outsurance secures a discount form the jeweller & not me! I have to pay the full retail price @ their supplier! As a consumer, the Consumer Protection Act allows me the freedom of choice and states that terms & conditions on contracts must be in plain language and in this instance I should have been notified clearly that in the event of a claim for the two specific items of jewellry on my policy, I would be restricted to use a service provider chosen by Outsurance i.e. Hyper Jewellers & Arthur Kaplan Jewellers, that I would have to pay the full retail price of the item as the discount is passed onto Outsurance and that I would not be paid out in cash! If I was aware of these terms & conditions, I would not have used Outsurance. My policy only has three items on it, so I should have been informed of the hidden terms and conditions for claims on my insured jewellry! I was told to approach the Ombudsman, which I have done. I am extremely disappointed with Outsurance as I thought they were the best choice for short term insurance! I asked to be paid out so that I could choose my jeweller and obtain an item equivalent to the value of my loss or I asked for them to pay out to my choice of jeweller. Can u assist me in this matter?

  • Li
    LisaSch Apr 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day Leanne Moodley, I am the client relations manager at OUTsurance. I am acknowledging receipt hereof. Your complaint has already been discussed with senior management. I hereby want to provide you with feedback on the matter. Our contract clearly states that we as your insurer reserve the right to indemnify you in the following ways:
    - Paying out cash to you
    - repairing the damage at a repairer of our choice
    - replacing the item at a supplier of our choice
    This is clearly set out in your policy contract with us. We therefore are satisfied that the credit line extended to you at Arthur Kaplan for your ring was sufficient for you to replace it with a similar one. Regards Lisa Schultz 012-6733202.

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  • Su
    Susan Trocki Feb 21, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ID NO.6311230049087 .I AM VERY UNHAPPY as the way my claim is being dealt with. They are making as if I am lying about my son's phone being stolen. They have even handed it to an assessor. They need to check my ITC police no mtn no speak to my son plus plus other checks. They are basically saying I am lying for my claim . I have got other claims so what. I pay every month. How dare they do what they are doing. I have my home and two cars with them as well. I do not want a manager of the department as they all working together. I want a senior manager that I am still waiting for one to call me. I am totally disgusted at the way they have treated me and will not continue with them after this incident. I am lying about the phone. Mmm we will see whose been lying. They have started with the wrong person. Wake up outsurance. U still going to lose a lot of people with this terrible attitude and treating your clients this way.

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  • Ce
    CentralDiamondAdmin Jul 18, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Leanne Moodley
    We empathize with your loss and fully understand your frustrations.
    Our experience has shown that only with THOROUGH documentation can you receive like for like in an event of a claim. Our company CentralDiamondAdministration (CDA) is a professional valuation company that has qualified diamond graders and accredited jewellery professionals. Our valuation reports are in-depth reports, versus the one page valuation reports that you get from jewellers.
    Together with this, we understand the pitfalls in an insurance contract and inform and advise our clients on what to look out for when insuring their jewellery as it is often only at a time of a claim that people realize the pitfalls.
    Our response to your complaint is an effort to start creating awareness among consumers.
    If we can offer any advise and service that may assist in your claims process, do contact us. Our website details are : www.centraldiamondadmin.co.za

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Dear Anine,

I was proudly with outsurance since 2 years now.
They broke into my car (with minimum damage) on the 25/03/2011and stole my car radio (which is insured), the door paint was scratched and went a bit off.
I immediately went to the police to open a case in order for me to claim replacement with Outsurance.

I spoke to Sonja who has no manner at all and was rude. She told me she will ask her manager if outsurance can accept the claim as there is only minimum damage on my car!!
She said she will call me back and hanged up on me.

I then called back and ask to speak to another consultant so, I so I spoke to Nkadimeng Mofokeng who was nice, and opened a claim file for me with my case number.
Nkadimeng told me she will ask for a quote and will inform me the following Monday as to where I can go to have my radio replaced.
So on Monday, she did come back to me and ask me to choose either in Southern Suburb in Cape Town or rather in the CBD.
So I choose CBD as it is closer to my work!

When I went and replace my radio, with the manager we have choosen together a radio of the value of R1600.
Then 5mn before they installed the radio, the manager received a fax from outsurance ordering that only a radio of the value of R1150 should be fitted in my car.
Which indicated that the excess of R520 would be paid by me directly to autosonic and outsurance will only pay R630.
It is stated on my policy OT14261698, that my radio is insured for R1600 and I have to pay an excess of R520.
So basically, outsurance pays R1080 and I pay R520 in case anything happens.

I spoke to Thathelo the branch manager for 30mn over the phone (I spend R110 airtime) and he did not want to listen to anything I had to say and could not solve the problem.
He even told me that he will not change the policy for me. Well, I did not want him to change the policy for me.
All I want is that he follows the policy he gave me which basically says: I have ensured my car radio for a value of R1600 and if anything happens I get a radio that cost R1600!!
Not less and not more!!! However, that did not happen and I am very sad and I am planning to leave outsurance and tell everyone I know and all website I know about my experience.

My claim number is [protected] and I want to be refunded what I have overpaid yesterday and refund my phone expense in talking to Thathelo who was supposed to be the manger, sorting out problem which got totally out of his hand!

I look forward to a prompt and favourable response from you


  • Li
    LisaSch Apr 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day Ms Raomiala, My name is Lisa Schultz and I work for OUTsurance. I am very sorry to hear about your upsetting experience regarding the poor handling of your claim. I will pass your complaint onto Anine who is the senior manager in our vehicle claims department. I am positive we can resolve this matter promptly. Please dont hesitate to contact me directly as well should you require any furrher assistance. Regards Lisa 012-6733202

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  • Si
    Siyanda May 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Truly now, why does Outsurance say one thing but do the other, i am motivated to close my premium as well and inform all those i know, I'm worried if they'll even give me the exact Laptop i insured as this is an Apple Macbook Pro dual Cor i7 Laptop R23 000. 00, it's a pricey investment for my business & would be buying more soon as my business is established, i rather not have insurance if i'm going to experience such problems. Siyanda [email protected]

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[Resolved] extremely poor service at very high price

My car was in an accident in August 2010. I put in claim with Outsurance and this is where the trouble started. The car was assessed and took away to the panelbeater (please note that the assessor and panelbeater is the same person- can you imagine). After 3 weeks my car was still not fixed. I then insist on getting my car back ASAP as i needed it. Please see photos attatched. Real disgusting work. The bonnet is full of scratched marks as they repaired the NEW!!! bonnet (according to the panelbeaters [S&Z Panelbeaters in George] all new parts that they received are full of dents wich they then first have to repair). The bonnet latch has not even been replaced/repaired noyt even sprayed. They never repaired the part below the front bumper because (as per panelbeater) they did not quote on that. They however resprayed it with paint drops hagging off. Inside the bonnet the paint made running marks. The piece in front of the radiator was bent sort of back in place, not 100%, but never sprayed and still full of damaged marks from the tools. they even scratched the right front door, that was not damaged in the accident. The panelbeater then told me that I should bring the car back so they can fix what they just messed up. I refused because if they could not do proper work in the first place, why bother to try and correct. I should however also mention that when i visited them while working on my car, that they do not have a proper workshop and do most of the work at the back of the building, where there is not even cement. Working on oildrums. This is the type of service providers that Outsurance is using. I then start complaining to Outsurance. send emails with all the photos, phone them a couple of times insisted to speak to a manager. this carried on till I once spoke to a manager called Joël. He then told me to go to another panelbeater who should quote them to repair the mess of S&Z Panelbeaters. This panelbeater quoted to do everything from scratched as it is a total messup. O yes, S&Z Panelbeaters even quoted to replace all lights, but 2 were not. I phoned Outsurance afterwards to hear if they received the quote from the second panelbeater. Apparantly the quote was sent to the manager Joël. I have never had a call or any conversation from Outsurance. It is now 8 months later. Time and space does not allow me to tell you the rest of my bad experience.

I also need to warn people about the high premiums from Outsurance as I got a quote from SANTAM wich is half that of Outsurance. (IS THIS WHERE YOUR OUBONUS IS COMING FROM) Charging you double and give you some of this back. I phoned Outsurance today again and requested a quote on another vehicle and again, double that of another company.

extremely poor service at very high price
extremely poor service at very high price
extremely poor service at very high price
extremely poor service at very high price
extremely poor service at very high price
extremely poor service at very high price


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Mar 29, 2011

    The content of your complaint is most concerning! The lack of service, period: is a shocker. Could you please be so kind as to supply me with your contact details or alternatively, your facility or claim number? We really want to sort this matter out for you? Thank you. Regards, Dinky from OUTsurance. You can also reach me on: 012 - 673 3328.

no emergency service

Finding my vehicle broken into with its ignition and steering lock damaged, calling the insurance company's emergency no gave a feedback with their not operating outside working hours.

  • Li
    LisaSch Mar 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day, I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I work for OUTsurance and would like to look into the matter for you. please can you supply me with more detail or alternatively you can also contact me directly on 012-6733202. Regards Lisa

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  • Rw
    R Welman Mar 24, 2011

    Hello Lisa,
    One of your staff associates, Warren is handling the claim, offering to have your company reimburse me for the callout and 1 hour rate a recommended locksmith will charge.
    My beef is with the recorded voice response heard when dialling your emmergency no.
    Being told 'your company operates only within certain working times' initially had me hang up missing the followed options to take afterward. I believe the recording should have began first with the options to take FIRST for an emmergency THEN the company's general working times.
    Being mislead by the 1st part I'd hung up rushing back to my vehicle as a storm was gathering and heavy rain soon followed. Only with help from a passing policecar did we manage to get the car running, but had it stall a few times causing longer delays to reach our venue where we had commitments.
    Personally I believe Outsurance should bear the full cost of repairs which fall below the excess cover.
    I am investigating reinsuring elsewhere for a better service - disturbed by other comments of members problems with the company shown in here.
    Regards, RW

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  • Li
    LisaSch Mar 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely hear and understand what you are saying. I will refer your suggestion regarding our voice prompt to the relevant department. I will however need more detail from you in order to assist with the remainder of your concerns. Thanks Lisa

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  • Rw
    R Welman Mar 24, 2011

    Hello again Lisa,
    I have waited since reporting the incident to get my vehicle repaired from that day, and should it affect loss of income, my own legal resource already contacted will be informed.
    Warren's feedback received hours ago appears as if the matter is of little concern. It could all have been resolved days ago.

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  • Au
    Auto claimer Mar 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Lisa,
    With yet another failed response to provide PROMISED early service to have been rendered only late Friday, DURING a heavy storm at my residence, I had my vehicle taken to a private facility employed by my company to do the DELAYED URGENTLY needed repairs.
    From consultation with an attorney, it was suggested that the matter be referred to Outsurance's top source for review, on all costs incurred to negotiate a settlement. This being a first approach to resolve my dispute. Should I achieve no satisfaction, we would then pursue the matter as advised through legal means.
    I am reachable on 072 542 6025 and would prefer to have NO further dealings with Warren.
    Thank You.
    R Welman

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[Resolved] outsurance supply goods of inferior quality

We dealt with Outsurance religiously paying our premiums, claim-free, over the past 10+ years until Dec 2007, it was our parents 50th wedding anniversary and our home was burgled and ransacked!

We called Outsurance who took about 2-3 weeks to resolve the claim after the incident and when they eventually replaced (some) of the stolen goods, it was of INFERIOR quality!!! Our TV set was replaced 3 (THREE) times and our X-box was replaced once by a supplier called Photo star!
A week ago, we submitted a claim for our household laptop that was still under guarantee, which had just started freezing and malfunctioned and they have just let us know that the supplier, Photo star provided a report that it was not a manufacturing error and that they reject our claim! Aside from that, Jacquie (the Team leader) who handled our query, was rude, impolite and unprofessional, failing to promptly and diplomatically handle our situation and continuous calls!

Outsurance has consistently provided us with goods of inferior quality and we're sick of it! They undertake to give the best possible service and goods, but their track record has not exactly been great.

We're OUT of OUTsurance for sure!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Feb 22, 2011

    Based on what you describe, our service delivery has been nothing less than shocking! Would it be possible for you to supply me with your contact or claim detail or alternatively, please contact me at OUTsurance to look into this for you? You can reach me on: 012 - 673 3328. Regards, Dinky Wenhold.

[Resolved] outsurance roadside assistance is misleading

On the 20th March 2010 my car broke down. I phoned Outsurance Roadside Assistance for help and was very impressed with the service I received. However as it was a Saturday and a long weekend I was told my car would be towed to my house as all the dealers would be closed. I then had to contact roadside assistance again on the 23 March to have my car towed to the dealer for repair. So my car was towed twice, yet for the same incident. I know they advertise two tows per year per vehicle, but I assumed they would surely mean two different instances. I have been informed by Outsurance that my roadside assistance for the year has been used up. So despite the fact that I have never before used roadside assistance for all the years my car has been insured by them and the fact that this was one incident I now have no cover. Not a great feeling being a female driving around South African. I am not impressed Outsurance and I am getting quotes from other insurance companies who would look past their petty policies to give me decent service that I deserve! Moral of the story: Make sure your car only breaks down during your dealers working hours!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Feb 08, 2011

    I'm not too sure when you lodged this actual complaint, as you refer to March 2010. I do however fully agree that the 2 tows should be considered as 1 assist, as it was for the very same incident. Would it be possible for to contact me on: 012 - 673 3328? Regards, Dinky from OUTsurance.

[Resolved] incomplete claim & no feedback since nov 2009

Last year in November our geyser burst & resulted in damage to the bathroom cabinet, wooden flooring & ceiling. The plumber replaced the geyser but in the process kicked 3 tiles off the wall, removed & took the wooden ceiling boards, the old geyser is still in the roof & he put the overflow pipe straight onto our balcony, outside our bedroom. We were told the wooden flooring they would only patch but couldn't find the matching wood. The tiles they said they would replace but couldn't find the same tiles & wouldnt replace all the tiles. They took the wooden cabinet to fix it. It was returned with no hole cut in the back to accomodate the plumbing & I had to refit it. We have been quering this for months & have had no response. We are now left with half a ceiling exposed, our wooden floors in the hallway door to bathroom lifted & damaged & 3 tiles missing from the wall!!! Not only this, we have had to live with a mildew damp smell for months & in actual fact, this is our children's bathroom and not very good for their health! We are tired of hanging on for the call centre, speaking to rude, unhelpful people and still no resolution after 6 months!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Feb 04, 2011

    You have so much reason to be totally upset with us, based on what you describe! Could I please request you contact me on 012 - 673 3328 with the relevant info to inevestigate and assist? Alternatively, you can e-mail me the details. My e-mail address: [email protected] Regards, Dinky.

[Resolved] no response regarding third party claim

I am not a client of outsurance and must say that I'm quite surprised at all the compliments about you on this site as I'm not getting quite the same service as noted therein. I was involved in an accident with my scooter with a client of yours on the 14th of Jan 2010. Fortionately I didn't get too hurt, but the scooter and my gear was ruined. I decided to submit a third party claim directly with Outsurance so as not to affect my no-claim history on my insurance. I followed the procedure the call centre gave me and submitted the claim on 15 Feb 2010. Simon was assigned to my claim #[protected]. He's been excellent throughout the process, providing feedback and returning my calls promptly. The last feedback I've had though was that the assessor's report of the 26th of Feb suggested the scooter be written off and that the file is now with Lancelot to finalize. I've been calling for the past week to find out what the status is, and it's still with Lancelot. I fail to understand why he's had my file since the 26th of Feb and that he's not processed it yet. I'd really appreciate some urgency on this matter as even though I'm not a client of yours, I still deserve to be respected.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Jan 20, 2011

    You are certainly not being unreasonable. Our service delivery failed you, which is not on! Thanks for supplying the detail of the claim. I referred the matter to Jaco Meyer, the respective manager in our Legal Department. Jaco will be in touch with you shortly.
    We are really sorry about the delay and lack of feedback. Regards, Dinky. Tel: 012 - 673 3328.

[Resolved] waited 2 and a half hours for a reference nr

We were involved in a car accident in Boksburg, on the way to the airport, when another vehicle bumped us! Phoned Outsurance straight away as they are our insurance brokers, got a claim nr straight away(this person was very professional and fast), and luckily we have a hire car option, we were taken to the airport to AVIS to get a car, but they needed a reference nr from Outsurance before we can get a car... Well the accident happend just after 11:00am and by 14:00 we were still waiting on the reference nr!!! Every time we called the call centre, they say its nog logged on the system yet and that someone will phone us back... Here we are sitting at the airport, me and my husband traumatised of just being in an accident, with our 3 month old baby, sitting for nearly 2 hours waiting on a reference nr!!! Only when my husband phoned for the 5th time( explaining for the 5th time), did Sylvia promise to call us back as soon as possible with the nr, ( who wants to believe her after all the previous empty promises), but within 5 min she phoned back!!! (Thanks Sylvia)Why can it take 5 min for her, but all the other people we spoke to just didnt bother to come back to us...


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Jan 20, 2011

    I'm most concerned about our service that let you down! Could I please request you contact me on: 012 - 673 3328 or supply me with your detail in order to investigate this matter? Regards, Dinky from OUTsurance.

outsurances panel beater damaged my vehicle

My vehicle was 'repaired' by a panel beater instructed by Outsurance, but in the process they damaged my dashboard.

More than a month after the damage that was caused by their negligence, I am still struggling to get this damage repaired.

This has cost me numerous telephone calls and a lot of unplanned time out of the office, not to mention the emotional strain. Outsurance, their assessors and the panel beaters have not been helpful and have instead been wasting my time. They seem to forget that I am the customer, the aggrieved party.

Instead of rectifying their mistake, I am being further inconvenienced by the incompetence of all parties involved here, being Outsurance, their assessors and the panel beaters.

avoid this consultant like the plague

Had an accident (my fault I'd admit), submitted claim, Grace kept on referring me to Legal for the other persons's claim, then she sent me to an assessor for my vehicle. She then called telling me my damages, my excess and where I had to take the vehicle for repairs. During this telephonic conversation which I had difficulty hearing and understanding, she suddenly tells me I have limited cover and the claim is being cancelled - suddenly she will sort the other party out. Because I was confused I asked her to email me all the details - she did not, and I sent her a reminder because I am more interested in sorting the other party out. She sends an email back saying the other party must deal with the legal department. Having objected to this contradictory info, I threatened escalation - no response.

I have had occasion to deal with Outsurance on more occasions that I should need to and I have always been happy with the service. This experience with Grace makes me wonder whether Outsurance has dropped its standards. And they don't have a channel to escalate complaints!

truly disappointing with such incompetent staff

We had a storm last year and had outsurance send some fly by night builders to fix the leaking. Anyway come January, we have another storm, and guess what, it starts leaking again everywhere where they fixed. So we phone outsurance and after numerous calls, eventually get someone out who claims we did not maintain our roof, etc, if that be the case why fix it the first time. Jackosn, who by the way is the most rude person you can ever find, he forgets we pay his salary, with as much attitude as you can find tells us outurance will not be fixing the leaks.

Anyway my husband phoned the manager, Trevor Naidoo, who assisted us and asked us to get a quote and fax it through, which we did, and my husband phoned twice and confirmed approval. Builders have started working alreday, only to get JACKSON calling again, saying it was not approved, and they will not be paying for the work done. We have already signed with the builder to start the work because we got approval twice from you, now the builder wants to take legal action against us. We have stopped all work, please can you come back to us urgently.

[Resolved] thank you very much oustance for not saving me any money but doubling my installments

Last year October I contacted Outsurance for house cover, granted only if they would cancel my SAHL insurance. I was promised that this was done. I have just received my annual policy update from SAHL and it was never cancelled. I have had double insurance for a YEAR! I spoke to Sipho at Outsurance and he confirmed that my details were never forwarded to SAHL as promised. I must now take time and effort to complete 3000 forms to have my SAHL policy cancelled and was also informed that I would only get a refund of 50%! Thank you very much Oustance for not saving me any money but DOUBLING my installments.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Oct 12, 2010

    You are out of pocket and based on what you describe, our service delivery let you down completely!
    In order to be of assistance, I would really appreciate if you could contact me at Outsurance on: tel: 012 - 673 3328, or alternatively, supply me with your contact detail. You were dually insured, and as a result, SAHL will only refund 50% of premiums. The onus is therefore on us to re-imburse you the remaining 50%. I really want to assist you and look forward to our discussion. Regards: Dinky.

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    aassdd Oct 11, 2010
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billing me when I haven't even asked for insurance

It all started with my mom asking for a Quote . The consoltant said to her that my bank details where needed in order to create an quote and he promised that my account would not be debited . My mom then said than you and the consultant said he would phone me then to confirm if i wanted the insurance or not needeless to say he never phoned my mom then later that week got an sms saying thank you for choosing outsurance. When my mom told me this i then phoned them and asked how is it possible for somones mother to agree to insurance for me when nobody even phoned me to ask if i even wanted insurance !!! The guy then promised me that he would cancel it and then went on to say that he would wait for my call to confirm that i sould not want this insurance the cheek to ask the customer to phone him back otherwise they will debit my account ! I did never the less try and phone him but never got trough to him .After all that guess what they still debit my account after i said i did not want insurance!!Then Anthony phoned me and promised to credit my account and write a letter to my bank to statement that it was not my fault and it was there mistake .To date nothing has been done!!!

  • Tr
    TrevOUTsurance Oct 01, 2010

    Based on what you describe, I share your unhappiness with the process and the account debit. This is not how we do business and I want to look into it to see what happened. Please contact me on 012 673 3060 and I promise to sort the matter out and to get back to promptly. Trevor

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outsurance does not perform like advertised

My geyser burst during the weekend of 13 October 2009. I were away and when I got home the Sunday night, the house were completely under water. I register my claim on Monday monrning at outsurance - Naome answered the phone and I deal with her eversince. Late that afternoon Outsurance send a company to replace the geyser. These people damaged my bathtub (by letting the copper pipes fall into the bath more than once from the ceiling), the made a hole in my facebrick wall between the bathroom and my passage, only to fill the hole with cement (that looks terrible), they made another hole in the wall to my front door. Then they bumped two holes in one of my bedrooms door with the pipes when they removed it from the bathroom. I phoned Outsurance the next morning, explaining that since they have sent that survice provider, they have to sort this out. Well NOTHING happened yet. No damage fixed, carpet not replaced and they do not phone back as they promise. Every time that I have to take time off, it cost me a lot of many since I am a contractor and do not get paid if I am not at work. I suggest that they conclude this claim as fast as they advertise. This is already more than a month.

[Resolved] i am so disgusted in the way my call was handled

A month ago my wife had the unfortunate luck of having a car roll into the back of her brand new 2 month old car, since the car that caused the damage was insured with outsurance I called them to odge a third party claim, I asked the consultanat what to do and she advised that she would take all my details and a person from the legal team would give me a call... I supplied all the info and waited ... and waited 2weeks later I have just phoned them to find out what is the story and was now given a pretoria number to call... WOW what attitudes do these people have, I am so disgusted in the way my call was handled, firstly the lady that was talking to me I dont know what her problem is but she has a real big terrible attitude ... now I am told that I must fax the docs, my id drivers and all of that to another number, I dont have a problem doing this but why was this not told to me the first time I phoned and not 2 weeks later when I had to phone again, and then the biggest complaint is the way they talk to people, it is absolutely disgusting... I was i the process of signing up with Outsurance through Vivian but after that call NEVER will i be assosiated to such rubbish!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • OUTsurance's response · Sep 23, 2010

    You describe to say the very least: shocking service! The resultant effects hereof, needless to say: time consuming, a no win situation for you!
    Could I please request you contact me on:012 - 673 3328, or let send me your contact detail, I'll then contact you? I am an employee of OUTsurance, and will gladly look into the matter for you? Regards: Dinky Wenhold.

  • Ja
    Jamie Ross May 25, 2011

    I have just phoned to get a quote for insuring my car. I was stunned and the amount that Outsurance quoted me.

    Last year I received a quote from them for approximately R860 for a car that is fully paid off, limited milage driving and the car was 9 years old at that time. I had an claim within the previous 3 years. MiWay quote for the same conditions, claim status and extras was R640.
    I phoned just now to get a claim as my last claim was now over the 3 year bracket. I was quoted almost R1100 for what is now a 10 year old car that is used a couple of times a week to go to the local shops. Value of the car R35, 000. Reason given for the high quote was that I had cancelled my policy with them about 4 or more years ago. My car was being insured through my employer which is why I switched.
    Outsurance advertise as the lowest and best insurance company. They are certainly not and are scamming you as if you raise a stink about the premium they say that they can readjust excesses etc. I certainly will never go back to Outsurance or recomend them to anyone else.

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i want my money back as it was a lot that I paid for no service received

I have been with outsurance a few years back and had paid my premiums and then cancelled my policy and have never claimed and know they wont refund what i paid when i called to enquire what went on i spoke to a lady who was rude and had no manners what so ever.

I want my money back as it was a lot that i paid for no service received.

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