Outdoors Onlineyeti tumbler and lid

Like many here, I placed an order in early December. I received a single email immediately there after that claim the order was "in process." Despite numerous attempts to contact the company ( voicemail messages, email messages, and attempts at live chat), I never received any response from them. Moreover, there live chat and telephone lines shut down approximately five minutes after they open each day. ( siding too many callers and imploring customers to leave messages that never get responded to). I finally spoke to someone, being sure to call the minute their phone lines became open. After sitting on the phone for a half an hour on hold, I finally spoke to someone, who informed me that I couldn't cancel my water because the item was already being shipped. Notably, I received one item (a lid) of a two item order. The Tumblr mentioned above still has not shown up. These people either like infrastructure, or our fraudsters. This is not a company that in anyway keeps its promises, but is more than happy to take your money.

Jan 24, 2017

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