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I placed an order on Dec. 12, 2016 and have never received merchandise. Order # 82789.

Order summary
Porpoise Top Style Polarized Sunglasses for Women with TR Frame (Model: HDTR0011) × 1
Blue Frame $29.99

Reusable Hard Plastic Drinking Straw (15 Straws) × 1
Mix Color $7.99

Yeti Rambler 30oz Metallic Powder Coated Cup - 4 Colors to Choose From. FREE SHIPPING × 1
Metallic Purple $29.99

TX State Tax
San Antonio Municipal Tax
$73.58 USD

I tried several times to contact customer service and they always told me my items were about to ship. Liars. They took my money. Below are the two chat transcripts I have, but that does not include the numerous phone calls I placed.

Chat Transcript with Tina Parker

Chat started on 13 Jan 2017, 12:31 AM (GMT+0)
(12:31:31) *** Tina Parker joined the chat ***
(12:31:31) Tina Parker: Order # 82879 has not bee received
(12:31:37) Tina Parker: been*
(12:32:33) Customer Service: We apologize for keeping you waiting. Our live chat operators are currently assisting other customers. Our customers are important to us, please leave us a message or contact us by email or call us at [protected]. We look forward to connecting with you.
(12:44:06) *** Paul joined the chat ***
(12:44:11) Paul: Thank you for contacting Outdoors Online and sorry to keep you waiting.
(12:44:25) Tina Parker: I got disconnected Sorry
(12:44:27) Paul: Hello Tina, I'm sorry our chat got disconnected earlier
(12:44:30) Paul: Its okay.
(12:44:49) Tina Parker: my order number is 82879.
(12:45:11) Paul: Thank you for that Tina. Please allow me a few minutes as I am currently checking the order from our Fulfillment Team.
(12:45:22) Tina Parker: ok
(12:49:21) Paul: Thanks for patiently waiting Tina
(12:50:12) Paul: I have checked on your order and can see that it is currently in line for a priority shipment. We are waiting for the carrier to have it picked up on our warehouse.
(12:51:24) Tina Parker: When I chatted about this on 12/27/16, I was told I would have it by 1/12/17.
(12:51:43) Tina Parker: It has been a month since I ordered these items.
(12:53:47) Paul: I am very sorry for the inconvenience Tina. We are doing our best to have those pending orders ship out as soon as possible. We've encountered shortage in our stocks for the cup and since we have it already on our warehouse, we are shipping those orders with high priority.
(12:54:45) Tina Parker: So now how long will I have to wait for this. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my son.
(12:56:45) Tina Parker: It's just funny to me that you are telling me exactly what I was told 2 weeks ago.
(12:57:01) Paul: Kindly allow us either later this week Tina or within next week for us to ship the item. I really do apologize for this inconvenience.
(12:57:50) Tina Parker: No, I want a refund. I will go somewhere else and buy the cup for my son.
(12:59:06) Paul: As much as I would like to cancel this order and process a refund Tina, unfortunately, we cannot modify it as of the moment. You will be able to receive your refund though by returning the item to us once you receive it using our Return Center and we will process the refund right away.
(01:00:05) Tina Parker: No, it isn't going to work that way. I will call tomorrow and get my order cancelled and a full refund. I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB.
(01:02:03) Paul: I really do apologize Tina but as of the moment, I am unable to process the refund or modify the order. We'll just wait for the order to be delivered and then you can return it to us.
(01:02:53) Tina Parker: That is unfortunate. I will contact the BBB and the police department tomorrow. Thank you for you time.
(01:03:24) Paul: You're welcome Tina. Thanks as well in contacting us and you have a good night.
(01:16:15) *** Paul left the chat ***
(01:45:12) *** Tina Parker left the chat ***

NAME Tina Parker
EMAIL [protected]

LOCATION Blooming Grove, United States
URL https://outdoorsonline.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Antonio, TXcom/pages/contact-us
Chat Transcript with Tina
Chat started on 28 Dec 2016, 03:05 AM (GMT+0)
(03:05:51) *** Tina joined the chat ***
(03:05:51) Tina: Ordered on 12/12/16, have not received order. Website shows the order was partially refunded, but doesn't tell me what it was.
(03:32:28) Tina: No one answers you phones or can return emails? You took my money, but haven't refunded anything but $1. My order was $70. I will be contacting the BBB in the morning. You have had plenty of time to send and email or return a phone call. Looks like I just lost my kids Christmas gifts and my money. What a rip off.
(03:36:31) *** Andrew joined the chat ***
(03:37:10) Andrew : Hello, Tina. Goodevening. This is Andrew. I'd be glad to help you with what happened to your order.
(03:37:50) Andrew : Please give me a moment while I read your problem above.
(03:41:11) Andrew : I'm sorry to hear you still haven't received your order yet, and for the times you've tried to reach us but haven't had responses.
(03:41:46) Andrew : Don't worry, I will make sure that I will provide you with the latest status update of your order, and rest assured that we take full responsibility of it.
(03:42:20) Andrew : Can I please have the order number for this order so I can immediately check its status?
(03:42:44) Tina: 82879
(03:44:08) Andrew : Thank you, Tina for providing that order number. Please allow me a few minutes to check that out
(03:46:12) Andrew : Just to verify, this is for a Porpoise Top Style Polarized Sunglasses, 1x 15 pieces Reusable Hard Plastic Drinking Straw and 1x Yeti Rambler 30oz Metallic Powder Coated Cup, right?
(03:46:38) Tina: Yes.
(03:49:36) Andrew : Thanks for patiently waiting, Tina
(03:50:00) Andrew : I've already heard back from our Fulfillment Team about this order
(03:51:58) Andrew : What happened was, when we tried to prepare your order for shipment, we found out that we ran out of stock for Porpoise Top Style Polarized Sunglasses and Yeti Rambler Metallic Purple Cup because we received a lot of orders from it and we didn't expect that. So, what we did was, we acquired these 2 items from one of our international warehouses
(03:52:53) Andrew : I can assure you that it's already processing and being prepared for shipment, however, I want to let you know that International shipments' delivery days take longer than usual
(03:53:42) Andrew : For the Reusable Hard Plastic Drinking Straws though, it's already back in stock in our local warehouse, so you will receive this item sooner than the other 2 items
(03:55:13) Tina: I just want to cancel my order and be refunded my money.
(03:56:05) Andrew : I wanted to assure you Ma'am that I have already listed your order under the Priority Shipment list to make sure that it will get to you the soonest time possible
(03:57:09) Tina: I have already waited for 3 weeks.
(03:57:46) Andrew : I'm sorry that you have not been informed and updated about the status of your order, Tina
(03:59:07) Tina: No, I have not. I didn't even know that there was any kind of problem. I was expecting to receive my items before Christmas according to your shipping policy and I haven't received anything.
(04:01:26) Tina: When I checked my order online, that's when I found out there was a problem, but there was no other information online. I am not happy with that. A simple email stating the problem would have sufficed. I understand that this time of year shipping is a little slower and that quantities may be limited, but when you do not communicate with your consumers, you lose a lot of business.
(04:02:52) Tina: I will wait until January 12, 2017. That will be exactly one months since my order was placed. If I haven't received my order by then, I want a full and complete refund of my money.
(04:05:50) Andrew : I totally understand everything you have said, Tina. I will take that note, I will take it as a feedback and I will make sure that it will reach our management for improvement in our company.
(04:09:41) Tina: I hope you have a good evening and a Happy New Year.
(04:11:09) Andrew : Thank you for giving us a chance until January 12,
(04:11:39) Andrew : I really do appreciate the patience and understanding you have shown
(04:12:37) Tina: Just hope I am not disappointed in giving it. I'll be waiting for my order to arrive soon. Thank you for your help.
(04:13:59) *** Tina left the chat ***
EMAIL [protected]
LOCATION Centerville, United States

  • Updated by Tina P75 · May 16, 2017

    Just tried to access my order and the site no longer exists!

May 16, 2017
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  • Watch out! They closed that website and now use!


    And beware - I was also warned some of these counterfeiters are using TOXIC metals in the production of their FAKE Yetis!

    Report to the IC3 (FBI Internet Crimes Bureau) and also the FTC. Also file a report with YETI in Austin [protected]. They are actively pursuing these counterfeiters. Unfortunately, they evidently scam people and then shut down that website and move on to the next one!

    REAL YETI dealers must carry the entire YETI LINE! CALL YETI in Austin to confirm a REAL dealer BEFORE you purchase!

    Check out the other people scammed on! It is horrific! They call them "FETIS". UGH!

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