Outback Steakhouse / the serving of curbside takeout

I'm usually a customer at Outback in Holbrook ny but I decided to order curbside takeaway on 3/20 at 216 Jericho turnpike in Commack ny order number 6920971 I ordered a sirloin steak well done with no pink with a baked potato and steamed broccoli my steak was rare bloody and my potato was cold and my broccoli was raw this meal costed me $20.41 this is the worst meal I have ever had at Outback steak house I called and spoke with the manager Byron who told me I can return and get another one or I could call and if I order again they would take care of the meal I decided I'm not going back to that location I'm appalled they would serve me food that wasn't cooked in the first place and I would like something done about this issue I also posted my review online my contact phone number is [protected]

Mar 21, 2017

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