Outback Steakhouse / special occassion

Princeton, CA, United States

This dinner was a special occasion 3 birthday's combined to one dinner there were 12 people in this party we had called in advance to see if they could accommodate this size party at one table, we were told they could and it would be ready when we arrive. When we arrived, it wasn't ready and they couldn't seat us together we did not want to be at separate tables and they said they couldn't seat that many people only 7 per table. I know this is a lie because we do this 4-5 times a year at Outback and if they changed the rules they should have told us when we called so we could make other arrangements. The manager was rude and didn't apologize that we were told incorrectly and didn't seem to care. So I suggest to our group lets go to Chili's and they had no problems seating us and treated us well. Our 4-5 special occasions will from now on will be Chili's or Texas Steak House. Don't believe Outback will be our first choice anymore, I do believe they need new management, you just can't treat your customers in the way she treated us and have people come back. By the way the waitress was very polite and she lost a lot of money in tips for one hour of work because we always take care of our waitress when we leave.

Jul 9, 2015

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