Outback Steakhouse / norwood mass outback refuses to follow corporate policy

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I have been dining @ the Norwood, Mass Outback for many years. These days I go every Wednesday for the Walk About Wednesday Special. I order the 6 oz steak..a salad (substitute for a side) and a tap water.
I do not order a beverage or beer. On April 18, 2017 I sent an email to Outback Customer Relations asking if I choose NOT to order a beverage or beer, should there be a deduction off the $9.99 special?
On April 19, 2017 I kindly received a reply from Madeline -Outback Customer Relations. Madeline replies: If you choose NOT to order a drink and you have water instead, there WILL be a slight reduction. I would suggest reaching out to your local Outback for specific pricing, as it may vary per location.
I showed the email from Madeline to the regular bartender @ the Outback and he always honored a slight reduction. I went to the Outback - Norwood this evening to dine (the regular bartender was not working) and the Managing Partner - Samantha Cusack told me she would no longer honor any reduction in the price. I showed her the email from Madeline which she totally disregarded. She told me several times that " she owned the place" and that every Wednesday I walk in the door she loses money.
I feel I was targeted unfairly for speaking up and this has become very personal between me and Ms. Cusack.
She also went a step further to tell me that I was being very rude for even bringing the discussion up.
I would like to continue to dine @ my local Outback but I also would like to be treated fairly and with respect.
I hope you can help resolve this issue between me (a long term dedicated & loyal customer) of the Norwood Outback and the Managing Partner - Samantha Cusack.
I thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Sep 20, 2017

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