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Orkin Pest Control Services / They won't do the job

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About 3 weeks ago I noticed a few mice droppings in the hall bathroom. I'm not a friend of mice, as I don't know anybody that is, so I knew that I had to do something to get rid of them. Most likely I knew they were underneath my house and coming up at night. My options were to get some poison and crawl underneath the house and put it there and to also set traps inside of the house...OR, I could just pay somebody else to do it. I decided after calling a few companies that I would hire Orkin. Two days later an Orkin guy came out and the only thing he would do for me was set out 5 sticky traps around the house. I asked him if he would go under the house and he told me that they don't do that. So, I as the trusting idiot that I am agreed hoping that he knew what he was doing as he is called the 'pest expert'.

Ten days go by and still no mice are being caught. I sit on my couch and watch them run across the living room floor, see them running around my back yard at night, and watch them run around in the kitchen. I start to notice that for whatever reason they are taking the dirt out of my house plants and leaving a trail of it across my living room. Then, two days ago I took my couch cushions out and saw that they were making a nice nest in my couch. Dirt, dog food, and stuffing that they were taking from my pillow in the living room. I pulled out the couch and wanted to die. The carpet had mouse pee and poo everywhere. I pulled out my steam vacuum and cleaned the whole carpet, couch, and anything else that I could in the living room. Then, I called Orkin.

The lady that I spoke to told me she would send somebody out again right away free of charge. I asked her what the policy was on going underneath houses and she told me that "oh yes, of course we will go under your house." After telling her that the previous man had stated they don't do that she was shocked and said that she would be reporting that to his supervisor. So, the next day, I sit and wait and I was stood up by Orkin. I called again and the lady apologized and allegedly the man did not get the message to come to my, stupid me again reschedules for today. Today when the man showed up it was the same guy that came the first time. I told him that I want him to go under my house. He said, "Has anyone ever even been under there?" I told him yes, and that is was clean and there was nothing for him to be afraid of. He looked at the hole again and then said, "Well, I'm too fat to go under there, but I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll give you the blocks and you or your husband can do it." whaa??? I politely said that if we wanted to do it I wouldn't have paid him to do it for us, and that neither I or anybody else in my family or circle of friends would be going under the house to take care of a mouse problem that I was paying him to take care of. He excused himself to go outside and see if he could get a different guy to go under my house.

When he came back inside, he told me that his supervisor said that nobody would be going under my house and that they would only treat the problem outside of the house with a bait house BUT I had to pay for the bait house!!! I then told him that since they were refusing to get to the root of my problem and wanted to charge me additional costs that I would like my money back. He eagerly said ok, just call customer service. Then, on the way out the door he asked me if I would continue my other pest service for the spiders. I kinda chuckled and said that I could live with spiders, but what I can't live with is the problem that he's refusing to take care of. When I called customer service the lady told me that I would have to talk to a supervisor but conveniently they were all out in the field and she would try to have one call me tomorrow. So, now here I sit and wait for a phone call, which I'm sure I'll be calling them back before they even attempt to call me.

Moral of the story, DON'T EVER USE ORKIN!!!

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  • Bo
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Orkin Pest Control in Des Moines IA is a joke. Their service is horrible and I would never recommend anyone getting it. I went through 3 service men in the company to treat my house and all they did was spray toxins all over my kitchen floor and in my bathrooms. I got the treatments because of all the ants on the outside. Now I have ants and spiders on the inside. They most likely brought them in. I now go with a smaller local company that understands my problems and they have done nothing but help me get out of the jam that Orkin put me in to.

    Don't buy ORKIN pest control.

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