Orbitz / flight refund or avoid connection made by mistake

I bought a ticket to my father through Orbtiz on May 14th, 2018. My father is 85, he has two surgeries in his legs and one tumor in his head and barely speaks english. It was not easy to convince him to take a direct flight to visit us in USA FROM Buenos Aires but finally he agreed since this is a family special reunion. The only thing that he asked for is a nonstop flight. Ten days later, I forwarded the ticket to my father and he noticed I bought a non-stop flight for the departing part of the trip but not for the returning flight. At that time, I only realized I accidentally booked a flight with a connection without meaning it. So, the ticket I bought by mistake is EZE-MIA and MIA-ATLANTA-EZE.

The cost of the trip was and is now exactly the same for non-stop flight than for a connection flight through DELTA. It was my mistake. The problem is that my father is not in physical and mental shape to go through all the issues that encompasses a connection flight (more wheel chairs, he doesn't speak English, difficulty walking etc etc).
So, I decided to call Orbitz and explain them the situation. I told them I was willing to pay a new ticket through Orbitz if the refund me the previous one since I was not going to be able to use it since my father told me and I greed that he won't be able to make it under this condition. After being on the phone for over 2 hrs on the 24 of May and another 2 hours on the 25 of May and escalating my issue to a supervisor, and then to a manager, I was told no, they cannot refund me, and they cannot help me by giving me a direct non-stop flight on my father's return flight even it is now at the EXACT SAME PRICE. They said I had to pay $700 more in order to get a non-stop return flight.
First excuse was that it had to be done at the airline level- DELTA, then my tickets had restrictions . . .

Following are the ONLY restrictions noted on my tickets when I made the purchase:

Airline Rules & Regulations

• Tickets are nonrefundable, nontransferable and name changes are not allowed.
•Please read important information regarding airline liability limitations Opens in a new window.

Here are the details of my father's reservation in case anyone can understand this situation and is willing to help.
Itinerary number: [protected]
Delta confirmation: GHJ7Z9
Ticket number: [protected]
Booking ID: MCQ67I

May 28, 2018

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